The Dangers of Violent Video Games


Video games are a source of entertainment across all ages. With the advent of digital technologies they have taken up a different dimension as they can be accessed anywhere, anytime and contains a wide variety of content. Aside from the entertainment value, the violent games genre has elicited mixed reactions. This is mainly because of the supposed effects they have on teenagers’ behavior. The participation of Kenyan youth in these shockingly horrific bloody games is taking root and this is indeed a worrying trend. Violent games should be seen in the same light as drug/alcohol abuse, risky sexual behaviour and radicalization. This calls for urgent steps to mitigate its spread.

A study by 2014) a non-profit public charity organization dealing on social issues indicates that the playing of such games by youth result in problem areas such as aggression and bullying, delinquent behavior, school problems and victimization. The statistics are grim and as pointed out by the same organization, 53.2% of boys and 34.5% of girls who played these games hit or beat someone. Clearly, the negative effect of these pastime cuts across all genders and thus access to such violent games by the teens should be restricted.

violent-video-gamesScholars too via empirical studies voiced almost similar concern when it comes to violent games and their detrimental effects on behavior. In trying to explain that playing violent games has consequences (Bushman, 2010) stated that “video game play is active while television watching is passive and that people learn better when actively involved”. What we glean from this statement is that these games engage the mind and are thus subtly recorded on the brain and constant play is like constant training and practice which automatically leads to a violent behavior.

It should therefore be noted that researches which are partial have been carried out by scholars and organizations and one point is clear to all and sundry. Engaging in violent video games have a negative impact on behavior and therefore teens should not be allowed access to them. The government must put in place measures to regulate sale and availability of these games so as to protect the young from their negative impacts. Your take?



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