The Diary of a Campus Diva; The Break Up


1st April 2015
Yesterday was the worst day of my life.*sob sob*Why me? After two solid years, how could Chris be so cruel? Remember that night? The night he gave me a ring at sports pavilion? We cuddled and just lay there counting the stars,he said that was the number of children we would have. His hands were so gentle as he rubbed my back..well my ass but he was gentle anyway. His fragrance,the never ending scent of Rasasi perfume clouded the air around us, the true feeling of romance. It was then that he told me I was the one, I would be his wife and the mother of his children. I mean, our favorite song ‘Tattoo’ by Jordin Sparks was playing on his phone. We looked so beautiful against the backdrop of space.
See, I had been hearing rumors that he couldn’t keep his pants zipped up but you know me, I don’t believe what I haven’t seen. He is quit a charmer. Anytime I brought the topic up he would look me in the eye and tell me,
“Babe,you are the one.”
Those words could melt my heart ,especially since my sweetheart is a campus celebrity. Christopher is one of the best deejays in Egerton. He is multi talented and has the brains too.He majors in Actuarial Science .Though a darling to many ladies, I have remained his number one beau and he has always made it clear he is taken.

Yesterday was our anniversary. Considering we have dated since we were freshers, two years was worth the celebration. The morning was long, I could almost not concentrate in class. I was elated as my girl Cindy walked me to Maish’s boutique in Njokerio at around 2pm .I wanted a dress that could fit the occasion; it is not everyday your boyfriend takes you to ARC hotel, in fact, they never do. Cindy is my ride or die. She was my high school desk mate so we go way back. I picked up a blue chiffon gown. Blue is the ‘family’ color and I was sure Chris would be impressed. Cindy agreed to lend me her high heels. We went back to her room in Barret where I tried to fit. I am not fond of heels but I had to learn the art for my man.
It is always a long day when you are anticipating the evening. Well, evening did come and I was more than ready. Lipstick? Check. Perfume? Check. Purse? Check. Condoms? That’s his business. Of course he’s expecting cookie tonight. The walk to ARC Is quite long from Mama Ngina, when you are trying hard not to walk like a Kangaroo. *Smh* The things we do for love. I was just in time for 7 O’clock news. I ordered a glass of water as I waited for Chris. I have always been careful not to pinch his pockets too much lest he thinks I’m a gold digger.I am quite the wife material you know.
It’s 8 pm and Chris hasn’t shown up yet so I decide to call his line.
The mobile subscriber cannot be reached.”Is the voice at the other end.
I order a small bottle of coke to ease the tension. I’m secretly hoping he shows up, at least just show up even if there’s no dinner. His phone is still off. It is 9pm.I give up and stomp out of ARC, pissed as any lady could be. I decide to go to the ladies room to release my stress and Holy Moses! Right before me is my faithful boyfriend Chris.
“Harder baby harder,

My mouth stays agape as Chris groans.Lo and behold!My best friend Cindy, kneeling on the white tiled floor, firms her tight grip on Chris’s fully fletched manhood…
To be continued.




  1. Natalie, where did morals go to? where did what is beautiful and decent go to? Where I come from women still mantain modesty, even of calculated!

  2. I appreciate that you are a concerned citizen sir. I do not know where morals went but somewhere between the transition from colonialism and the 21st century, changes occurred. This are the changes that writers try to bring to the limelight. Largely for the purpose of hoping that people learn from others’ mistakes.

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