The Gay Debate: Is it a Disease?

Campus Gays

By Enoch Tonui
Campus GaysToday, as I was having my ten o’clock tea (it also couples up as lunch due to financial difficulties), at the campus cafeteria I had the pleasure of being joined by two colleagues. It would be an understatement to say that these two fellows are extremely intelligent. Quite frankly, this duo can be said to posses supreme intellect and an unparalleled gift of the gab. Thus we engaged in a little banter about general everyday stuff. We even dwelt little bit on the drama unfolding at The Hague.
But the discussion took an interesting twist and forces beyond our control made us discuss a very controversial subject. We talked about gays! Yes, we had an animated discussion about homosexuals, lesbians and bisexuals. Of course we never touched on the mechanics or what goes on whenever the practitioners of these completely out of place behavior meet in private.
It is common knowledge that gays have been in the society from time immemorial but they only came out of their hideouts recently. Thanks to the more liberal and democratic environments being enjoyed not only in the western world but also here in Kenya. There are historical accounts in Africa that men engaged in homosexuality when they stayed away from home for long periods mainly during wars. Men were turned on by their fellow men.

Therefore, these deviant sexual behaviors have been with us, are still with us and will remain with us whether we like it or not.
Moralists have been vocal in condemning gays with some going to the unbelievable extent of saying that they should be taken to some sort of Siberia or concentration camp and nuked. The holier than thou quarters claim that homosexuals, lesbians and bisexuals are going against the natural order of things. Does this then mean therefore that alcoholics, thieves and even our MPs who loot the taxpayers’ money should be terminated simply because they are going against the natural order? Religious leaders too have a problem with this situation. It goes against the teachings of practically all world religions.

Keep in mind that I’m not pro gay but I do not discriminate against them. In fact, I consider these sexual experiments and adventures as abominable, shameless and should be discouraged at all costs

Keep in mind that I’m not pro gay but I do not discriminate against them. In fact, I consider these sexual experiments and adventures as abominable, shameless and should be discouraged at all costs. I normally feel like I’m living in another planet when a full grown male with all faculties functional stands in front of a camera and proclaims erotic love for another man. I get agitated when a woman claims that she should be given space by the public to engage in romantic relationships with another woman. What immediately comes to mind is that these people are abnormal and that their psychological makeup is distorted. These delinquents have the guts to publicly clamor for the recognition of gay movements and activities. Believe or not next time they are going to ask for tax exemptions.
Back to the discussion. The question my colleagues and I tried to tackle was “what needs to be done to gay people once they’ve come out?” They definitely need help because this is a serious condition which should be regarded as out of the realm of things regarded as normal. They should never be made to feel that whatever they are doing is right. They should out rightly be told that it is wrong.
My colleagues and I were in agreement that gays are human beings who are ailing and that the society should treat them as fellow human beings. Their behavior though, should not be tolerated and they should be well informed that any civilized society does not condone such behaviors. No people or government should succumb to the demands of a few sick heads claiming that their sickness should be recognized and legalized. However, we should show them love and seek ways of helping them overcome their conditions and get reintegrated back to the society.




  1. it is also quite embarassing that the vice has also penetrated into the deep roots of the African culture more especiallly our generation

  2. This is quite an unfortunate issue to discuss….. I hate Gay people…. they should go live in another planet…… arrghghhhhh….!!!!

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