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After postponing long awaited grove award party from 1st to 6th, this amazing party which just celebrated its 10nth anniversary is set for tomorrow. There has been a long period enveloped with intense competition, voting nominations and a lot of campaigns. The competition is said to be quite stiff and with our major hit celebrities grouped in single groups to battle it out themselves. There has been a little pulling of strings among these big fish who thinks they run the industry and expect to be competing alongside very helpless upcoming artists. That wasn’t actually the case in this year’s Groove awards nominations.

They have complained, yes, bitterly but then that’s how the nominations were. One of our famous controversial gospel artist who happens to be in the other hand planning for a collabo with Diamond Platinums, was spotted criticizing the nominations terming it archaic and non-viable as he considered himself not to battle it out with his other counterpart Bahati in the same category, The Song Of the year. Really its quite evident that he is giving in for defeat. I really do not deny that his son Tam Tam was actually not a hit but as per my view it can never emerge the best to beat Barua by Bahati in any way possible.

The Song Of the year category has really a lot of tempting and division of interests on the fans as Kilele by Pitson is too smirked right in between the two gospel raw talents. Hopekid’s Delilah was never left behind in this tight race category.


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The voting is gone and now we want to clearly see who runs the gospel industry in Kenya. The song of the year category which is really a heated and competitive group so far has both Willy Paul and Bahati at loggerheads not forgetting the ever blazing Pitson. In Album of the year category Hopekid battles it out with a fresh face Frank. Ghetto radio’s Gospel Night live which apparently I say they sway away from really gospel show to dancehall music battles it out with Radio Citizen’s Pambazuka.

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Collabo of the year that Willy Paul might see windows of opportunity opening up so fast is with Size 8, Tam Tam. Though they still have to battle it out with Kris Eeh Baba’s Mimina featuring Mag44 and Abel Chungu.  This is going to be the tightest battle of all time ever experienced in groove Awards. It’s a groove awards like no other.

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