The ICC’s Purpose In the Kenyan Cases

The ICC: The Hague Netherlands
The International Criminal Court. The Hague Netherlands

The entire world at the moment is being treated to some comical activity thanks to the Kenyan duo who are the stars of the show (who said Kenyans cannot shine in the international arena?). Indeed the world is having a great time courtesy of the circus known as the International Criminal Court (ICC). To a new comer, the purpose of the ICC will at the first glance seem noble, but sooner or later he/ she will discover something else. That the ICC is a tool used by the developed world to bludgeon developing world leaders (especially in Africa) into submission.
The ICC came into being in 2002 with its main agenda being to put to stop crimes against humanity. This is by carrying out conclusive investigations and ensuring the culprits pay for their deeds. The ICC is governed by the Rome statute in which 122 countries are signatories.
Interestingly, the United States and Sudan are not members. The former has engaged in mass killings in Afghanistan and Iraq and the latter is slaughtering and maiming its own in Darfur. The Obama administration is contemplating dropping bombs on Syria to force the incumbent lunatic Bashar Al Assad out of power on claims he used chemical weapons against his own people. Common sense informs me that Bashar has been carrying out systematic atrocities against Syrians but the same set of common sense also tells me that if the US invades Syria, then millions of innocent children and women will die. The US is immune from the ICC process.
My main ‘beef’ with the US is that it is the force behind the ICC. The ICC is a marionette and the puppeteer behind the curtain pulling its strings is the US.
It is obvious to everyone that in the last general elections in Kenya, Washington and other Western capitals had their preferred candidate. Voices from the US coined the ‘your choices have consequences’ phrase as a threat against Kenyans if they do not elect their candidate of choice.
Facing trials on crimes against humanity at The Hague are the winners of that election Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto. Joshua arap Sang is just collateral damage though he did what many consider a silly mistake by joining CORD and supporting Raila Odinga in his quest for state house.
Moreno Ocampo the former chief prosecutor at the ICC came to Kenya and carried out shoddy investigations into the 2007/2008 pre and post election violence. Claims abound that witnesses were handpicked, paid handsomely and coached on how to implicate Uhuru, Ruto, Sang, Francis Muthaura, Hussein Ali and Henry Kosgey in the violence. To the utter dismay of Ocampo, the court exonerated three of the accused even before the trials begin.
What we have seen in the past few days is the withdrawal of witnesses in droves. Apart from withdrawing only, these individuals are making shocking claims on how they were coached and promised a life of luxury.
Considering these facts, I can safely conclude that the trials at The Hague on the three Kenyans are a sham and an exercise in futility.
Kenya is a progressive country. We are on the path to economic success and the developed world is not comfortable with that fact. Worse, Kenya and other African countries are leaning towards the East and shunning their long time economic master which is the West.
The question that comes to the fore is this; ‘is the ICC being used as a means to derail Kenya from realizing its dreams? This is because by trying the country’s top leadership based on mere hearsay is quite telling.
Word of caution- kindly let us not in any way expose the witnesses testifying at The Hague. Let us not put their lives and those of their kin in danger.



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  1. I share ur thought, but not many think of it that way.I wonder why many of us young people can’t think in that way; but of course we are driven by tribal affiliations n the cruelty of our leaders for their political gains while Kenya is ours for the future.

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