The Lady you Should Never Let Go

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Men like freedom while ladies like to own things. Thus, it’s common to hear guy stories about their ex’s that they should never have let go. But Hey! Who ever teaches the boy-child on the things to look for in a Lady!? Skipping to the hard stuff, here’s the lady type to keep.

1. One Heart, One Man kinda Lady

As generations pass, it’s becoming even harder to find ladies who still value keeping one man at a time. So, when you find one willing to give her heart to one guy, and it happens that you are that guy, keep her for life. As on how to tell whether she loves you for real, that’s a topic for another day.

2. A Honest Lady

This honesty thing is almost a cliche nowadays when one is asked to describe the kind of lady they would date. But the funny thing is that all those qualities are quickly forgotten when she looks sweeter than her words. A quick way to gauge honesty is by the kind of replies she gives to her pals and parents when you are locked up in the room with her.

3. A Good-looking Lady

Some say good-looking is a synonym of beautiful. However, good-looking is just but a miner portion of what beauty entails. Even then, a good-looking lady is way better than one with similar qualities but lacks those looks. A walk in the park with her is likely to boost your ego when #TeamMafisi spot and whistle at her.

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4. Good in the Kitchen and other Places

Haha! If you are lucky enough, you probably think that this is a default thing to get in your lady. I surely hope so with mine. You are likely to live longer with this lady type, as the maids won’t ‘chip’ in. And Hey! Don’t forget that the way to a man’s heart is through the stomach.

5. A Lady who’s Open to You

Those who have been lucky enough to date them, often mistake them for cry babies; Reporting every single happening in there life to you. Don’t push her away with a joystick in your palm, for she see more in you than you see. You are her medicine, the love of her heart. Be a Listener!

6. A Go-Getter Lady Type

Damn! This type of a lady will surely keep you on toes. She always strives to get what she wants and she wont rest until she gets it. Dude! Just put her energy into even better use. Depending on your imagination, you will make a queen, or end up with a nagging type of a lady. All the best Bro.

7. A Lady Loved by your Relatives/Family Members

While love is a two people affair, your lady is likely to have an easy time if she’s liked by your family members. You probably can go ahead and be with her even without their love and support, but things are likely to go wrong if those relatives stay within.

8. A Lady who Proudly Introduces you as Hers to Her Older Pals

While this might seem as a little thing to do, it goes a long way to show that she’s not ashamed of you. She doesn’t mind the world knowing that you are the one. Hey! what else would you ask for!

9. A Lady who Corrects and Even Challenges you

Not every lady out there has the courage to tell you to work on some issues or your weaknesses in the kitchen and other places. So, when you find one who is willing to inform you, disagree with you or and even teach you one or two things, be proud. Don’t just let her walk way. If she does correct you in a way that damages your self-esteem, then it’s up-to you to teach her how to go about it. But never discourage her or let go of her.

10. An Intelligent Lady

By intelligent, i don’t mean topping in her class. An intelligent lady is simply one who can plan for the future, and uncertainties besides just filling her closet.
One who knows how to approach issues regarding external factors such as negative words from pals, noisy neighbors and your eagle eyed male friends and lady-friends.

And hey! don’t forget to say hello to that lady who makes you smile for no good reason. Keep her. All the best my brothers and sisters from another mother.

Oops! I almost forgot to drop the link below for those ladies looking for more.

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