The ‘Picture Perfect Generation’


Double tap, re-tweets, favorites, likes, reposts and shares and comments that make you go aaaw or angry with your camera man. All these have become a determinant of the pretty smiles and angry faces walking around.

So when did we get here? When did we let others become the cause of joy or sadness? What people including myself put out there is most of the time not the real thing. We capture moments, bleach ourselves digitally through them filters, hiding those dark spots, acne or whatever. All these are make-believe. We admire kina queen B, ’40 ‘something celebs who look half their age not knowing how much work has been done to get there. I once heard someone say that those celebs at BET, Oscars, Emmy and whatever other awards they’ve got take a very big team of people.
I tend to think our imperfections make us perfect so why strive to be perfect if you are already perfect.

A little acne here and there is okay. Leave chemicals alone. Use lemon if it really disturbs you. Embrace your imperfect self and people will love you for you and not for what you are pretending to be.

Your relationships will work out because you are you.
Picture perfect couples on Instagram also have problems. Some of them are cheaters, still hang up on their Exs, keeping up the show, dating their trophy girlfriends while obsessing over others.
Be you do not be Kamau or Kuria, Ng’ang’a, Wanyonyi or Kanyari, Be You!!

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Personally, I know I wouldn’t date a guy who posts everything about us on whatever social media platform. That will give me a reason to leave your sorry self to your sharing behavior.

Sure a #WCW once and only once is okay any other picture displaying me or how our relationship is fairing or falling will result to break up with immediate effect and a Martha Karua attitude and tone!
That said, ladies and gentlemen please stop posting pictures that are far from perfect and we know the truth.
Stop making singles want to get hooked. Stop putting them into temptations. Value yourself, do not seek validation from people who do not know you at all!



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