THE RADAR: WhatsApp Groups are a Bore in Campuses


Technology being dynamic,it has come with the good and the bad side. The good side is its economic relevance and impact to the society on a wider platform.

The radar is on and rolling, kicking out the shenanigans and disinfecting the jiggered minds in campus. One of the most internationally acclaimed app inventions are WhatsApp. You have to agree with me that this App must have been invented with the Kenyan comrades in mind. Campus students have embraced the App in gravitas that it has actually sent Brother Bob’s 200 texts parking.

A lady once asked if I was on WhatsApp and on learning that I am a tech freak, she never answered to my texts again! WhatsApp has been used as an icing on the cake for fresh relationships. It determines the possibility of its success and ultimate death. However, nothing bores a man like WhatsApp groups.

The moment you get the first text with a familiar notification ‘Amber added you on what-not group’,be ready for a series of unending texts with lewd content. WhatApp groups are the most boring platforms for idling. Comrades share their funny ordeals and photos of their Women Crash Wednesday(WCWs) and Throwback Thursdays(TBTs). Your crushes are not our crushes, grant us peace fellow comrades.

Mostly formed by men, these platforms lack relevance and chats are reduced to ‘bedroom flirting’ between the members. An hour offline translates to 708 new messages the moment you grant access to data roaming. Being in different social groups, a person is entitled to five different unnecessary groups.

Among the reasons why I detest such groups is lack of inclusivity. Staunch members chat to themselves. The feeling of getting so many texts is close to suicidal. In fact the comrades who create such groups should face the hangman’s noose or neck guillotine.

These groups are normally administrated by comrades of warped wits. They have all the reasons for lack of peace in our hardly purchased expensive smartphones. They make us glued to our phones to annoying posts of food, selfies and long messages. The kind of messages that highlights a boring story and ends with a warning note that if you fail to forward the message to more than ten people, your buttocks will split at the seams of something dire.

If the intended purpose of the group is not outlined, spare us the burden of purchasing bundles and photos of unknown comrades crowding our gallery. The harsh voice notes and lewd videos is not everyone’s cup of tea. Next time write a letter inviting us to the annoying WhatsApp groups. This will ensure respect and peace between us.

Share your WhatsApp group experiences here,do you agree with the above content? The Radar comes again next week.




  1. Absolute bullock if u asked always has the option to ‘exit n delete’ grp..aka ‘left’ if u chose to stay then its fr ua own liking…

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