The Truth About Campus Relationships


If a survey was to been done today on campus relationships I bet a small percentage would be found to be genuine.Dating is like a hobby to many students rather than a way of expressing how much you love and care for someone.At the beginning of every new semester the famous campus couples will be seen along corridors and pathways dragging and cuddling without caring that other people are staring at them.This includes the admirers,the jealous ones and those who feel offended.

In most cases this couples seem madly in love with each other such that one can’t do without the other,portraying the Romeo and Juliet kind of love.They are always together whenever you meet them till you are left wondering if they attend lectures.

The truth is this relationships don’t last for long.It only takes as few as seven days to be established.Just before the semester ends the so called love birds do not even see each other eye to eye infact they will pass each other like total strangers.This raises questions if they ever loved each other in the first place.The foundation of these relationships is normally questionable regarding how quick they were established.

In most cases they are benefits driven since it’s a matter of giving and taking.Love is never the main theme as they say,”Love is for the birds,it went with Romeo and Juliet.”Cases of students squandering their HELB loans with girlfriends and boyfriends are never a new thing in campus.After the money is finished the guy or the lady flees of to a new catch.Those who stay for long are the ones who keep being financed by the better half.

Come we stay marriages climax some of these relationships only for the victims to be dumped later and chased away.The aftermath is feeling used and a lot of I wish I knew.There is no need to get into a relationship without being ready for it rather concentrate on the sole reason you are in that particular institution and that is academics.Why choose to finance a fellow student with the little money that is not even enough to cater for your own needs and choose to share it with someone who you will not marry.




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