The Truth Behind Use Of Pseudo-names ‘Nicknames’ On Social Media


Truth be told, you have once patted yourself on the shoulder for interacting with a ‘German’ who cares and thinks about you all the time or a princes from England. That time you are sent a friend request on facebook by a one Mateaus Mendes de Vasco Cellos or by Graciella Nigellonisia Penimbili.

Haven’t you ever received a message from a name resembling something like Princess A. Jaja or from Yule Wamama?

Then please know that they could be your cousins, siblings or your acquaintances, there is no foreign figure here who so much cares and thinks about you!

In his book “How to win friends and influence people,” Dale Carnegie reveals that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language. Why does it turn out again that a couple of people are still hiding behind ambiguity?

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Working under pseudonyms is indeed a fine and honored tradition. Furthermore many of the greatest names in literature were “invented,” and many of today’s bestselling authors use pseudonyms as well. Should you?

The answer may depend on why you wish to do so as there are good reasons and bad reasons to use such names. Today we are only going to look at some of the bad reasons:

1. I’d like something more exotic. This often involves an assumption that
your friends will be more “impressed” by a more interesting name. They won’t. Let your depth of knowledge, intellect, honey coated lyrics, talents and great sense of humour impress them, and soon your name
will be considered “impressive” in its own right.

2. I’d like a name that reflects my inner self. This depends on who your inner self happens to be. While a name like “John Mhandy” or “Lady Shiner” may reflect something deep within you, it is likely to convey an impression of amateurism to your fans. If you want a pseudonym, keep it professional.

3. I’d like to hide my identity.  I don’t want my relatives/friends/classmates to know that I’m the one who posted such an unbecoming message about them. A pseudonym won’t protect you from the legal repercussions of dishing out insults, writing about other people or spreading hate speech e.g., from charges of slander or libel.

5. I want to have the freedom to post anything I feel like. This category is always given to posting things laced with sexual innuendo and general wickedness. If you were educated and infused with a little foresight, you should not bother to post nefarious stuff.

In my opinion, pseudo-names are names of criminals hiding from eavesdroppers, a technique used in the good old days when women plaited their hair using pieces of hot broken pots or during the time when savco jeans were still in style and teenagers rewound tapes with biro pens.

Your real name among other things will help your friends identify you easily for action. Besides, social media has become a good site where employers stalk people they are just about to hire. And such names can work against you especially if you further posts unpredictable profile picture.



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