The White House under Siege as Protest Spread Across Cities over the Murder of George Floyd

White House

Protesters are threatening security at America’s White House. The power house is under siege as demonstrations rock the streets of the planet super power.

Several images and video footage is showing large group of protesters are gathered just close to the White House trying to gain entry. The security seems to be overwhelmed as attempts to disperse the crowd using teargas canisters has proven futile.

The demonstrations which started at US state of Minneapolis is as a result of the death of black security guard George Floyd. Floyd was alleged killed by a police officer as he pleaded for mercy live on camera. The police said that George Floyd’s image matched that of bad guy and that he resisted arrest, a thing clearly not captured in the highly circulated video clip.

The riots took another twist yesterday when President Donald Trump attempted to muzzle the security officers and the local mayor to use violence to stop it. He threatened that his government will resort to using the military and shooting people who continue to engage in what he referred to as ‘looting’.

Many world leaders including former President Barrack Obama has registered huge disappointment with the killing of George Floyd claiming that it was clearly racism at play. Others have termed it as a sad situation brought about by irresponsible talks from the Presidency and the White House.

George Floyd’s murder has also led to a further breakdown of relationship between Twitter administration and Donald Trump. The US president claims that the social media platform is biased and keen on judging him and gagging his freedom of speech. He noted that Twitter has let off the hook, China and WHO who he says continue to peddle lies concerning the outbreak of the novel coronavirus which has so far claimed the lives of more than 100,000 Americans.

Kenyans have also not been left behind in this protests. An individual by the name Alex Ndiritu sent chills down the spine of Donald Trump when he noted on Twitter that they are headed to the White House. The tweet went round and was captured by a number of top officials in the Trump administration who called for beefing up of the security at the White House.

Ndiritu shocked with what he had caused and pointing that he is probably on the list of FBI and CIA, jockingly wished away his comments on twitter affirming that he was enjoying his khat (Miraa) in a deep village in Nyeri Kenya and that he has never even thought of seeing the White House in his dreams.



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