This is How #MrMissAgricultureEgerton Went Down

Juliani performing on stage during #MrMissAgricEgerton 2015 courtesy of AMIRAN

On Friday evening all roads were either leading to ET2 for Pre-Chaca awards awards or Kilimo Hall for Mr and Miss Agriculture.
I personally chose the Kilimo Hall road to bring you the unfolding of the events.

Mr and Miss Agriculture is a new activity that was recently fixed on Egerton calendar.

On Friday they held their second Edition after the first edition which was held last year at such a time.

This is an event aimed at promoting egerton as an agricultural institution and also sell it to the outside market since the winners are slotted for further competition at the national levels.

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Just like any other event, it never missed the hitches. The event kicked off at 11:52pm when the attendants were let in after waiting for several hours in the flesh piercing cold. Chaps at the entrance taking of the low number of attendance demanded to pay 50 shillings contrary to the 100 shillings initially implemented. The guards had no option but heed to there pleas may be just to salvage the situation.

At 12 midnight the event kicked off with hood dancers curtain raising the show.

The models did the introductory part and slightly gave the young talents in the house to show case them.

The event fully picked up with farm wear, creative wear, beach wear, talent show and lastly the dinner wear.

The active audience held there cameras rolling to catch a glimpse of the worlds’ beauty as they walked to and fro stage.

The three judges struggled to hold their eye lids not to drop a sleep though some still dozed off amid performances.

Juliani the African’s Agricultural ambassador could not afford to miss the event courtesy AMIRAN sponsorship. He thrilled his fans with his best tunes as the crowd went crazy at the shake of his dreadlocks.

Though the event recorded low attendance former Miss Agriculture felt compelled and positive, “This years event was better than the first edition. It takes one step at a time”, she commended.

“I was satisfied with the attendance, i saw improvent compared to the previous event. And im hoping to see more in the future,” she added.

The event saw Mr Harrison kibuthu clinch the Mr Agriculture appanage and Vallary Keshy crowned Miss Agriculture.

Though after Juliani perforning the event came to stand still until he was done disconnecting the stage lighting leaving the podium full of darkness which surprised the students in the hall.

The event still had to continue and the crowning be done using normal kilimo lights.

We are expecting mighty performances in future compared to the last event.

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