This is How you can be Dressing your Body type to Perfection Ladies!


Dressing becomes a whole lot easier once you identify your body type and what works best with it. Most women fall into one of the four categories;

Circle(thick around the middle)
Triangle(large at the bottom)
Rectangle(straight up and bottom)
Hourglass(curvey but evenly proportional)

•Dressing the circular body type.
If one tends to gain weight around the middle ,clothes should be loosely fitting around the midsection(to conceal the full stomach) and snugly elsewhere(to play up thin limbs). Avoid anything drwaing attention to.the middle like high-rise pants belts and waist-clinching tops.

Prefer slim-cut pants that are long and lean.they let trim.legs take center stage.pair these with a blousy top or tunic.u
Wearing a shift dress helps slim.trouble areas especially when worn with heels.

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• Dressing the triangular body type.
This type is defined as shoulders and torso that are narrower than the hips.
Avoid shapeless,oversize sweaters,skinny jeans and pants. Avoid skirts in a flimsy,curve-hugging fabric like silk.
A pair of wide legged pants slenderizes the thighs while creating a onger and slimmer silhouettes is defined as an ample chest .Tailored jackets play up the shoulders ,evening out the lower body’s proportion.

• Dressing the hourglass .
This is defined as an ample chest,a narrow waist and full(but not wide)hips. This shape,although evenly proportional can seem as it its all angles. Choose clothes that work and move with the curves,not against them. Avoid shapeless and boxy styles and oversize cardigans.

• Dressing the Rectangular body type.
It is defined as one without a defined waist,hips that tend to have a similar width as the shoulders, absence of alot of curves,the bust tends to be small or average and the bottom tends to be flat. This body is easier to dress since a lot of clothes usually suit well and fit perfectly.

As a rectangle you Will want to create more curves and creating a pleasing silhouette. You can do it by defining your waist and creating curves on the bottom or top.

Garments to avoid;
Shapeless clothes
Straight dresses or trousers.

Garments good for you
Use strong blocks of color to help define the body.
Wear a good bra to define the bust that you have.
Wear tops and jackets that emphasize the waist. This are most clinching at the waist.
This can be done by a waist clinching top or belts.
Wear atight skirt or pants to highlight the curves you have.
Slightly flared trousers works best with you
Opt for curvier and rounded options for shoes like ballerinas and pumps.

Now ladies that y’all knows what works best to define your boy perfectly,bring out that person you’ve been hiding too long…




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