This is Where to Find Sure Fixed Football Tips in Kenya

Fixed Match, UEFA Champions League

The search for 100% sure tips or rather what is referred to as ‘fixed’ football tips is one of the hottest topics discussed by betting enthusiasts in the planet today. Fixed Matches is indeed the most asked question amongst people who bet regularly. The need to not lose their money causes them to ask this question from anyone who they believe has the answer to give them. This stems from the need to win bets and make money and avoid losing at all cost and since many believe they are incapable of achieving that on their own.

So many have been defrauded by scammers especially at such a time when the economy in the world is doing so badly and people are struggling to earn a living from other decent employment opportunities. Many have suffered in the name of looking for fixed football tips with some ending up losing 90% or even all of their savings over the years. The internet is awash with many websites and blogs with adverts of such like betting slips but beware because many keep falling daily. The demand for these secret tips and the subsequent lose people especially our readers have experienced has made us come up with this guide on what you need to know on fixed betting and where you can genuinely access them in Kenya.

The Myth About 100% Sure Fixed Football Tips

Atleast 50% of People who will come across this post can attest that they have read somewhere about a person claiming how he or she was able to make millions from betting on football matches using the tips of a foreign informer from say Russia or a South American country. They will tell you haw they are given the 100% sure tips hours before the match. They then show photoshopped evidence of the winnings they made betting on said tips. Many will also acknowledge that they have been trapped in such after being convinced and sending the scammers huge money.

Greed also plays an important role when they try to advertise to people with the promise of giving out high odds where punters can make thousands if not millions of their local currency when they play their prediction after subscribing by paying to whatever account is given to them. With the stories out there and the exposure already on said topic, many still look for and fall victim to the pranks of these people and that is why knowing what to expect from betting can keep you from getting duped by these people.

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Now here is the thing, sure tips with 100% chance of winning is a myth. Don’t fall for it. Even top predictors and platforms in the world don’t go beyond 55-70%. And in Kenya, top platforms such as Sahihi Bet will tell you that in a week, they may lose two bets and win five. That means that there chance is about 72% or 5/7. And Guaranteed Betting Tips which gives a single game in a slip posts 6/7 or about 86% chance of winning.

The Reality About Fixed Matches

The closest you can come to getting what the question above suggests is with fixed football matches where the outcome has been agreed by obscure parties before the match begins. So now the solution is to know how can you get your hands on it? The sad actuality of the situation is that these are not readily available and you need inside information to get your hands on it and it is very costly. People will lie to you that you can have a fixed match at say 50 Kenya shillings but that should be the first sign that you are just about to be scammed. The information about a match which has really and truly been fixed is sold at a very high price, sometimes up to 50,000 Kenya shillings for a mere 20 odds slip. Again, it is not sold openly since the activity in itself is illegal in most countries in the world and any person involved can be tracked and fined heavily or jailed for many years. The truth is that fixed matches are available but rare and not attempted in the top leagues such as in EPL, Bundesliga, Serie A, League 1 or La Liga.

Where to Find Tips to Help You win Daily

Rather than spending and wasting your valuable time looking for fixed football tips, it would be worthwhile to try out plans offered by top sites such as Sahihi Bet. Such platforms openly claim a percentage below 100% and delivers on it regularly. With this, you will make the profit you desire without getting scammed looking for something that doesn’t exist. A reasonable percentage should range from between 65% to 85% percentage taking into account the inconsistencies and unpredictability that comes with match events. Stick with singles, doubles or triples and you should be fine but the percentage can get even higher when you stick with just singles.

Sahihi Bet for instance gives betslips with 5-20 odds each day to those who subscribe to any of their plans. And it is better to go for a plan that is just below a month in order to ascertain their profitability before committing your money to a more long-term plan of say a month, three months, half a year or even a year. Sahihi charges about $50 for those outside East Africa and 2,500 Kenya shillings for those living within the region. This will last for a week and will allow you access the slip on a daily basis via SMS or through an Exclusive Telegram Channel.

Need to Subscribe for the Weekly Plan? Pay via the Below Process if in East Africa

  1. Go to MPESA
  2. Navigate to Lipa na MPESA
  3. Select Buy Goods and Services
  4. Enter Till as 5266471
  5. Amount: 2,500 shillings
  6. Enter MPESA pin and send

Kindly convert to your local currency if in Uganda and Tanzania in order to know what you need to pay at a particular time. Also follow prompts if using MTN or Vodacom.

For non East Africans, kindly pay via PayPal to SAHIHIBETOFFICIAL@GMAIL.COM

In case of anything, Sahihi Bet has a Customer Care line you can call or sms 0758271865.



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