This is Why Bertha Oketch is the Lady to Beat in the KUSA Gender And Social Welfare Secretary Docket


The electorates ask one question before casting a vote to a prospective candidate, will the candidate deliver? That’s what Bertha Oketch, a 3rd year student from school of public health seeks to answer as she continues to make epic strides in her bid to gather votes for the Gender and social welfare docket she’s going for.

Being the outgoing Nyayo 2 congress lady obviously puts her as one ‘focused’ character who knows what she wants and how. That’s one position former student residents of the hostel echo she held with great servitude.


Talking to Magazine Reel about why she wants to run for the docket, she says, ” From my interaction with fellow students, i have realized that one opportunity they’re always yearning for is financial empowerment and so that’s what majorly makes up my agenda for the post.”

She says partnering with initiatives such as My Own Business (MYOWBU) ya campo, the campus edition of the NESCAFÉ’ which was launched in Kenya in 2012 to help create job opportunities and build youths’ entrepreneurial skills in the country is one way in which this can be achieved. Bertha took part in the recent MYOWBU challenge that saw winners awarded USD 1000 and internship opportunities. She insists that opportunities are there and being connected makes them more accessible. She will be planning for the second edition of MYOWBU.

The population health student was from 25th August this year made the Kenyan coordinator for Voice of Youth Africa (VOYA), an Independent Youth-led advocacy Organization currently in five African countries  (Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, DR Congo and Malawi) with a vision to advocate and promote Good Governance and participatory democracy by building a strong network of Youth leaders across Rural and Urban communities in Africa. This is one opportunity she talks of using to help fellow students realize their leadership potential and advocate for a better governance.

She stresses the fact that the needy kitty which is under the gender and social welfare docket will indeed be her responsibility to realize its transparency and openness as allegations have in the past emerged of misuse of the funds.

Bertha is the current miss STATUS KU 1st runners up and again this gives her the audacity to advocate for healthy living in campus as her role with this is to create awareness through partnership with relevant non governmental organizations. Her grit is undeterred, and as she puts it, “When a woman carries the agenda of God, she is a public affirmation. You have to write your own script. You have to create your own leach and leave a trail. Become a public affirmation that ESTHER, RUTH, SARAH & the likes of Wangari Mathai Karisa Maitha & St. Teresa were. Nothing can stop you except yourself.”



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