THIS WEEKEND: Why football betting is so much popular nowadays in the campuses.


Football betting came into limelight just about two years ago but right now it has gained popularity among comrades. Platforms are traceable in the social media all with the aim of putting gamblers on course. From football fans to those who are shuned off whenever football becomes the topic.

Justbet, elitebet and sportpesa are among the popular betting platforms in Kenya while jackpot, loosing, odd, stake and livescore are among the common names in the field of betting.

By the view of , it has grown to become a side hustle to most youths even in the villages. It is converting Kenyans non football fans into fans by force. Recently, illicit brews were poured and if you are wondering where those Daily Drinking Officers are ending upto, probably betting club is the place. It may be viewed as self employment or part time job, although it is simply gambling.

But gambling is also a business venture which only differs with its risk being very high. A certain expert in this field explained how he puts aside two hours everyday probably in the morning. He spends one hour doing research and the other one reviewing and analysing so as to make the final decision.

Many confess that they have earned lots of cash since they discovered it. Despite the much said about those who lost their school fees, a large number is out to give a positive story.

According to the experts, confidence and patience will count. You are also required to be very good in following up the matches closely.

However it has low and high times whereby chances of winning the stake at a given time is lower than others. Weekend is the time when probability of winning is high since this is the time when most familiar games are played.

This is when you are likely to come across a talent of gamblers out there along the less busy streets of the campus or that poorly lit hall doing their wise selections.

At long last you may either earn a lot of money or loose alot of cash

Now today the English Premier League is back.
It is actually the most watched league in the world and of course the most closely followed. This makes it easy to predict most of its games. In short the start of this so much anticipated league marks the beginning of yet another financial year for the betting experts.




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