Three Quick Tips On How To Survive In Campus



Campus life can be frustrating to a student especially when you run short of money. This has been a major problem faced by most comrades countrywide. Lack of enough money to get life running has been the major cause of the moral decay we witness in campuses this days. The end justifies the means they say, so a comrade would rather do the most expedient job but at least get a way of sorting oneself out insofar as their welfare is concerned. In this article, I look at some of the well tried out techniques that will help you survive in campus:

1.Spend wisely.

Sometimes you do not have to eat beef, pork, “smokies”, cakes and humongous loaves of bread to live. A simple meal of chapati and beans would do for lunch. As long as you have covered your nudity, sometimes you do not need those designer clothes you admire. At least spend on clothes when you consider it appropriate but not when you want.

2.Train yourself on saving money.

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It does not matter where you got the money from but as long as you have a little coins in your pocket for a day to use, make sure you save at least 10% of it. This is to say if you had 100 bob this morning, make sure you end up with “at least’ 10 bob in the evening. Save money and it will save you comrades.

3.Start something.

There are many activities you can engage yourself in and make ends meet in college. As a comrade you can sell boiled eggs-walk around in around hostels with that pail and get an extra coin. Buy ice cream at Kshs 3.5 and sell at 5 bob. If you sell 50 pieces you would have earned more than a dollar a day. You can buy a photocopier and generate 2/= for every paper you do. Wake up and smell the coffee. Place bets on various betting sites and garner thousands, people have done and still do it anyway.

Above all, do not forget that you are still a student. Go for lectures and attend most of them in fact. This way,you stand high chances of being a successful graduate sometime in future.



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