Tips for Better Sexual Performance

Sexual Performance

Let’s face it: not all sexual encounters are totally, earth-shatteringly perfect. Sometimes you and your partner just aren’t at your best. The most important thing to remember is that men are visual creatures. They love to look at the female form, even if they are not anticipating a chance for engagement in sex.

Men enjoy watching their partner’s body, gestures and attitude when having intercourse There are many factors that play into great sex. How about we look at some which are major and some which can help to boost your performance at bed.

Stress is a leading cause of poor sexual performance. If your mind is racing and off in a million different directions, it is hard to give your partner the attention he or she needs. You might be having problems like having issues with your boss at work, having stress on raising money to support the family or work on a certain project.  It is good to always leave your stress at the door. Relax and unwind before you jump in bed.

Improve Your Diet

What you eat has an impact on your sexual stamina. There are foods which may boost or decrease the libido of a person.  Eating fresh vegetables on the daily provides tons of necessary vitamins and minerals your body needs to go the distance. So make a big salad, and hop in the sack!

Lay off the Booze

Limit the amount of alcohol your drink on a date or at home before you have sex. Alcohol might loosen you up and get you in the mood, but too much can cause a few dysfunctional problems. Not to mention, you might pass out before things really get going…..


If it is for the ladies, no man loves one who is ‘fat and unfit’. They will always prefer to go for the ones they will manage to sweep by the feet anytime. Talk of ‘laptops’, a portable woman who is easier to ‘browse’ .Exercise is very important for sexual performance. Cardiovascular, muscle and flexibility training are essential for the best possible sexual performance. Keeping in good shape will prolong the encounter and allow for more possibilities! That is why ladies also love a man with a six pack, masculine and an athlete body in bed. Someone who will always bring thunders and earthquakes in bed! Let’s get out there and beat the gym.


Communication is the key for better sexual performance. Talk to each other about what you both like and don’t like. Share your fantasies with each other, and guarantee satisfaction!

Don’t Skimp on Foreplay

Don’t just go in for the kill. Nothing is worse than waiting to get in the mood and finding out you just missed the finale! Take your time and play with each other. Find out what the other likes, and build up to that big moment. It will definitely heighten the sensations! This is the time to try something new to really make the night special.  Giving each other a sensual massage or experimenting with a fun new sex toy such as lg vibrator, anal beads or anything you can do to show you’re putting a little extra effort into making the night memorable is perfect.

Try New Positions

Don’t get stuck in the missionary position or repeating the same moves over and over again.  How about you try the missionary position, Doggie-style position, Legs up to shoulders position, The Amazon position (woman on top), Reverse cowgirl, Standing positions, Sex on a table or Sex while spooning .A little adventure is just what you need to spice it up in bed. Remember to communicate your fantasies with your partner, which will easily lead into trying new and exciting positions.


Focus on your partner. He or she is the only thing that matters during intimacy. Clear your mind of all other nonsense, and give all your attention to making love to your partner. Make eye contact and show your partner how much he or she means to you.

Create an Atmosphere

Atmosphere is important because it can limit distractions. Turn the television off, along with the cell phones; and make sure the kids are asleep or out of the house. Nothing puts a damper on your sexual performance like an obnoxious ring tone or a knocking on the bedroom door. Create a peaceful and sensual environment to make the best out of your night.




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