Tips SportPesa Jackpot Winners used to Walk Home with Millions Revealed

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Making money online or just at the comfort of your home wasn’t this easy. Thanks to online Gambling started by Pevans EA – Sportpesa and now Betika, Odibets, Betway, Bet254, MozzartBet, 22Bet and Sportybet etc. You’ve probably heard of the Sportpesa Jackpot Winners even though the company is yet to come back to the country after being made to exit following a tax row with the government. They have since indicated their willingness to come back with the latest news coming from their CEO who noted that they have already applied for a licence to operate. That means, people will only wait for less than 2 months before SportPesa comes back with a bang!

But before then, some winners walked home with more than 200 million each on a single day before SportPesa called off their activities in the country. Samwel Abisai and Gordon Ogada together won a combined 450 million shillings from SportPesa after correctly predicting their Mega Jackpots correctly. The Mega Jackpot was the face of the Betika Grand Jackpot worth 100 Million now or the BetLion Goliath Jackpot worth 350 Million. They must have used the same strategy to win and today we reveal what they did and how they went about it. You can follow this steps and try your luck at the available sites such as Betika. They wouldn’t have shared with you this but Sahihi Bet discovered it and will be able to do it.


So What are these tips sportpesa Jackpot winners never share? Below are a few that might save you a big deal.

1. They’re ever Persistent
Sportpesa Jackpot winners were ever persistent. They never gave up even though they were disappointed severally. Probably lost once, twice or even thrice but they still insisted they needed to win. So don’t give up on losing your first Jackpot Bet, more are coming and you gonna win big. Always be persistent.

2. Patience Pays
Being Patient is a plus for you. As the saying goes patience pays so should you be patient and not give up on your first bet.

3. They place several bets at ago
Placing a single bet makes your probability for losing to be high. What if you placed four bets and three or two went through. So don’t dwell on placing a single multi-bet. By this your probability of emerging victorious is high.

4. They assess the Games early enough
The only easy way to win is to know the team’s head to head statistics, previous meetings, and their five previous matches. Without this you won’t win any game. You need to know this to strategically have yourself with a better chance of winning.

5. Know your Team
You should know your team. The team that never lets you down. By this you will be sure if you miss the big jackpot you will land in the bonus section. The bonuses can be huge too depending on the number of winners.


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6. Don’t be too broke
Being broke we be at times yes,but this isn’t the time for you to put up your 100 bob for more. You might lose the same hundred you had. Have some coins with you left after betting. This will increase your morale.

7. Be prayerful
I forgot to make this the first tip but put God first in everything. He will guide you and even do miracles for you. Pray hard that the teams you placed for become victorious.

8. Unique Strategy
This is the last but also the most hidden secret. There is a way Jackpot games are derived by the bookies. There is a formulae used by the machines to pick games based on a certain unique factor. To know this unique factor is a blessing. It requires alot of work and effort to pull.
Sahihi Bet has mastered the strategy, they use exactly what the sites use to derive the games to beat them at it. This is the only way you can win the Jackpot. Not even consistency will help you. The SportPesa winners managed to grasp the techniques while others just found themselves winners overnight. They actually didn’t know what actually happened that led to their winning.
Well, not even us can share this strategy but a little snippet just for you. It is all based on the odds variations. Sahihi Bet is able to do this and come up with combinations that are bonus bound. They actually charge a figure to have their combinations. This is to cover their operational costs and ensure that they also pay their bills. It is therefore proper to share the costs.
Should you be interested, get the combinations based on this strategy for the Jackpot this weekend by accomplishing the following conditions;
Go to Your MPESA
Navigate to the Send Money section
Enter the Mobile Number : 0792862269
Enter Your MPESA Pin and hit Send.
You will receive the combinations via SMS through 0758271865. You can also join their Channel on Telegram or Like them on Facebook.



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