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Tizen OS
Tizen OS

Tizen OSWe meet yet again, on the Tech Friday. This week on the 3rd of April the whole world was celebrating the 40th birthday of the Mobile phones. The first ever call was done in April 3rd 1973 by Mr Martin Cooper an employee of Motorola in New York city. The phone weighed about 1.14kg & about 25.4cm long. This is what kick started the long and winding mobile revolution across the globe, impacting on social and economical development of its users.

Today, the mobile world is far more than what it was 40 years ago. Not only is it used as a tool of communication but also as a mode of money transfer, health service provider and also as an educational tool as witnessed in Kenya by the use of Mpesa among others. The mobile platforms too have not been left out. In the last 5years alone there has been a cut throat competition by different firms across the globe to take control of the mobile engine. Android and iOS Operating System(OS) have since dominated the market. Late last year we had a new entrant into the market has Firefox OS. This year we have Tizen OS that is planning to win the heart of consumers.Tizen OS

 Tizen OS is an open source operating system for smart phones, tablets, notebooks, GPS smartnav, PCs smart TVs and in-vehicle infotainment based on the Linux OS family. It aims at offering a consistent user experience across devices. The OS includes the Linux kernel and WebKit runtime.

Tizen provides application developers development tools based on JavaScript libraries(jQuery & jQuery Mobile). Its Software Development kit(SDK) allows developers to use HTML5, C++, C, Java and related web technologies to write applications that run on supported devices.

Tizen OS is being supported by Linux Foundation, Tizen Community, Samsung and Intel. Its official launch is set for later this year by Samsung which has been an avid supporting platform for Android OS. Will this lead to the downfall of Android on smart phones? Time will tell it all. Its default graphical user interface are the Native and Web.

 For all you are interested in starting developing you can check out Tizen website: www.tizen.org to download its SDK and get your hands dirty on code & make money!Tizen OS

Therefore as we celebrate Mobile 40th birthday, lets remember the world is now a global village than ever before and so what’s your contribution to this revolution? Its time to stand up and get counted among individuals who took charge of the situation and carved the way for its development.

Happy Birthday Mobile!



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