Today’s Football Predictions to Earn you Sh15K in any Betting Site

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I know many people are capable of doing the picks on their own but there are several factors that have placed them in peculiar position that demands more time from them and makes them delegate such a duty to sports punters who work day and night to come up with likely to win football betting tips.

For instance, there are many readers who just wish they had the luxury time to do this on their own but are tied up with their family and some other work at the moment. This is basically the reason why Reel Football Tips exists. To fill the gap and ensure that you get a profit in the long run. We can manage your betting account and make you 1500 shillings profit each day. This will cost you 3000 shillings each week. Get in touch if interested by making payments to 0792862269 via MPESA.

Another truth that exists is that as a real punter, you should never expect to make a huge profit within a second or a day. Develop a spread sheet of your betting activities and mark your records on a daily basis. This will help you check on worst days in office and the best ones within the month. Betting is full time and should also be giving profits at the end of the week or even month. This is why it is important that you subscribe to the weekly plan at 1000 shillings or go for the month long one at 3500 shillings.

Sometimes you could go with single bets only spread across the whole day. This is much better when you read about the type of bet that ill let you know about today. If you have been in the betting industry for some time now, you must be aware of the huge odds when you place a draw on a game. Yes! we are introducing an all draw single games spread across the whole day.

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For newbies: Draws = Ties = When both teams score the same number of goals within 90 minutes, i.e. 0-0, 1-1, 2-2, and so on.

For those who are new to soccer betting, odds for draws are usually higher than 3.00. This means that if you only bet on draws, you will be profitable in the long run if you are picking the correct games more than one-third of the time.

To beat the bookies at their own game, we need to know something that the average bettor does not. If everyone knows this secret then it’s not really a secret anymore, since the betting odds will shift accordingly to erode this advantage we currently enjoy.

The biggest secret is this — betting on draws is the only long-term sustainable way to profit consistently in soccer betting. So today our free tips are draws only but you have to place them as single bets. You must get a return on investment by end of day.

Now if you have 1250 shillings with you right now, here is a chance for you to walk away with 15000 shillings at the end of the day today. From the 1250, we have 15 well analyzed odds for today that costs 250 shillings. This will be sent to you via SMS immediately after making the payment via MPESA to 0792862269.

You will only need to place the games as they have been provided without adding or altering anything and put the remaining 1000 shillings on them. If you do this, kindly make a list of what you will buy tomorrow with your 15000 shillings. Also never forget to save 1250 shillings for another exclusive odds bonanza which will be offered tomorrow morning.

Note that we don’t sell or give fixed odds and only offer betting tips services to our customers. The service is payable before and thats the reason why we don’t do PAY AFTER deals. NO NEGOTIATION EXISTS WHEN IT COMES TO PAYING FOR THE SERVICE BEFORE RECEIVING IT. NO PAY AFTER.

Also as is usually written here, only place an amount you can live comfortable without. Don’t place any money meant for other important purposes on tips even when they are 100000000% safe. You never know, the ball might bounce the other way and you’ll be left without legs.

We care about you and give consultations via 0758271865. This is for both our customers whose numbers have grown to thousands and general readers who would love to make some extra cash from betting.

To get today’s odds, send 250 shillings to 0792862269.



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