Top 10 Kenyan Universities With Most Followers on Twitter


Kenyans on Twitter or preferably KOT is a major force in the social media scene. They take up the role of the judge, the jury and the executioner. They are trolls and bullies. Many of the tweeps are young aged between 16-35.

Most of them are in institutions of higher education. In my opinion, as a tweep, the following universities lead in the number of tweeps online. Universities have also embraced the Twittersphere and their followers are growing in numbers.

According to a research that was conducted by top universities publications and which appeared on the Guardian Newspaper, 75% of students admit to using Twitter. Today’s students communicate and share experiences on social media sites like twitter.

Here are the top TEN leading universities on Twitter

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1. Kenyatta University @KenyattaUni

With over 8, 692 followers by the time of publishing this piece, Kenyatta University Twitter Handle is active with tweets streaming from their Verified Facebook Page. The handle attracts following majorly from Kenyatta University students. @KenyattaUni shares at least one tweet every day during the weekdays.

2. University of Nairobi

Describing itself as “The University of Nairobi is a center of Academic and Research excellence recognized in the African continent and beyond,” in its Twitter Bio, the University of Nairobi handle is followed by 7,325 tweeter users.

3. Strathmore University-@StrathU- followers (6632)

4. Unite states international university-@USIUAfrica-followers (6306)

5. Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology (JKUAT) @DiscoverJKUAT-3309

6. Maseno university-@Maseo_Uni -followers (1,999)

7. Egerton University-@EgertonCampus -followers (1948)

8. Mount Kenya University @MountKenyaUni (1599)

9. Moi University-@MoiUniversityKe-followers (1475)

10. Chuka University-@ChukaUni-followers (1219)

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