Top 3 Tips to Improve Your Chances of Betting and Winning Big in any Site

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Online gambling/betting has been growing steadily in popularity especially in Kenya. But last year’s continued lockdowns and social distancing measures made the online options even more appealing. However, when embarking on the quest for online betting, you might easily feel overwhelmed with the plethora of choices. If you look online to try to find the best tips, you’ll find thousands of options.

Another issue is if you do not know what you are looking for, you may end up in an unlicensed and poorly run betting site, or you may lose money on a boring game with a very low return rate, leaving you feeling disappointed and cheated out of your money. But do no be dismayed, as paying attention to these few things you can greatly improve your chances of winning good money when gambling online.

Know what you are good at when Betting

In a betting, the games usually fall into two categories – risky and games of chance. Usually, risky games are those with huge odds and might go either way. Sometimes, draw is the most likely result.

Games of chance are those that are highly likely to go your way. Such picks are made based on past performances of a team and a person’s experience. Say, if you have been betting for Man United to win in more instances and you usually miss the hit when they go against their City counterparts, then a rethink of your betting formulae might make you win each time. For instance, you can settle on the Over/Under Market or Both Teams to Score Market which is less risky.

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There are also picks which are definitely stronger than their opponents hence sure wins. Such are also games of chances. You pick a few, form a multibet adding to certain number of odds and stake moderately. Just as in any other business, Betting also requires patience and great investment in order to realize its profitability. Remember, there are individuals who earn up to 50,000 shillings each month from betting. You could do the same starting this time of the month.

Know the Factors Influencing Outcomes

It is also important to know the factors that influence the odds of winning. This is an average calculated over a long period of time, however, which explains why some people are in serious debt from betting, while others hit a jackpot in their first game, and then never play again. To increase your chances of winning, you will want to choose games that have the highest RTP possible – and thanks to popular demand, such games can be easily provided by Tipstar sites such as Guaranteed Betting Tips. The sites provide picks with high Hit Frequencies. This is something to consider for wins in the short run, as a game with a high hit frequency will have you winning huge cash atleast in a week.

The good thing is that anyone can access such a site provided that you can subscribe to their plan. Since they do it professionally, it is a business that needs investment hence a chance for you to go for their premium services which guarantee you wins each day. For instance, to have a must win picks worth up to 20 odds from Guaranteed Betting Tips starting from today via SMS, you will need to subscribe for either their Daily Plan at a cost of 410 shillings or their weekly plan at a cost of 2,500 shillings.

People have won big including Jackpot bonuses from their picks hence it could be a chance for you to kickstart your journey in betting. They also give jackpot combinations at a cost of 1250 shillings per week. You will receive Midweek and Mega Jackpot combinations which must give you bonus scores each week.

Need to Pay? Here is the Procedure.

  1. Go to MPESA
  2. Navigate to Lipa na MPESA
  3. Click on Buy Goods and Services
  4. Enter Till: 5266471
  5. Enter Amount: 410 or 2500 or 1250
  6. Key in MPESA pin and send

You can also make payments directly via MPESA to 0758271865. Call or SMS to book.

Go for the Jackpots when Betting

Going for Jackpots in betting is a sure way of reducing your losses and ensuring that when you finally win, it is an amount that changes your life instantly. Did you know that you can get up to 5 million shillings when you score a zero in the Betika grand Jackpot? And there are ways on betting to lose. Such ways can help you be a millionaire this coming weekend.

Betting on Jackpots require less stakes yet they have the most lucrative winnings. You’ll require not more than 100 shillings as stake, some require only 15 shillings while others like the Mozzartbet Jackpot only require 50 shillings. Some will require to score a few games correct in order to be awarded. For instance, Mozzartbet will give you cash when you score 8/13 correct predictions in their daily Jackpot worth 10 million shillings.

It is not easy to even get a zero though and you need lots of experience but even a newbie can be able to get a bonus when they use combinations from other tipstar platforms. Other platforms will give you just anything and charge you low for it while much more sure and serious ones with assured good returns will offer you plans that are a little costly but profitable. You can simply go for the combinations from Guaranteed Betting Tips at a cost of 1250 shillings and await a bonus of atleast 30,000 shillings by the end of the week from either SportPesa, Betika or Mozzartbet.

All in all, it is important to remember that most winnings in gambling are up to chance. However, if you take time to figure out what you are good at and learn and practice the necessary skills for those, keep an eye on payback percentages and hit frequencies and make good use of tipstar platforms, you may be well on your way to hitting a jackpot.



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