Top Champions League and Championship Betting Picks to Earn You Good Money


Barcelona and PSG meet again in the Champions League for a rematch of their thrilling 2017 Round-of-16 battle.

For those who don’t remember, PSG went ahead 4-0 in the first leg before Barcelona won the second leg, 6-1, with three goals in the final seven minutes to advance.

That game has since been named “The Comeback” and is well worth five minutes of your time to relive the insanity.

Betting in this match and the many others listed today isn’t as easy as one would want to believe. Infact, Sports betting in general isn’t easy. If it were, SportPesa and Betika or even Mozzartbet would go bankrupt and average bettors would all quit their day jobs and live lavishly as millionaires. Seasoned wise guys know that there will always be ups and downs. The key is staying the course, remaining disciplined and steadily building your bankroll over the course of the long haul. And today is such a day to take advantage of and use the little cash you have to build some cash reservoirs.

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Everyone wants to get rich quick overnight and win 70% of their bets, but that’s just not realistic. This is the analysis you need to know before you venture into the betting business. In order to make profit, you need to rely on tips with 52.38% win accuracy at all the time. Indeed, anything above 55% is considered to be highly profitable and can make you rich in the long run.

It might be murky but Sahihi Bet, a tipstar platform can help you make a kill from today. It doesn’t matter whether you have placed bets before or it will be your first time. Sahihi Bet records a winning rate of about 85% and up to 95% in single bet slips given each day. Well, there are many other tips platforms you can sign up to and utilize their services to win but Sahihi Bet will only provide services to their subscribers. Here is how you can be able to make money today without fail.

The ONLY way to beat the betting platforms such as Sportpesa or Betika at soccer betting is to BET ON DRAWS!

If you want to bet on other things, sure, you may get lucky and be profitable for a week or even a month. But if you want a LONG TERM, SUSTAINABLE, AND SYSTEMATIC way of betting, because you actually want to get rich doing soccer betting, then keep reading.

Why bet on draws? We’ve discussed this topic many times but instead of going into detail on why the betting markets are inefficient at pricing draws, let us just quote something from one of the wealthiest self-made men in American history.


How to Turn Betting to be a Profitable Investment for You

Due to the high odds on draws (above 3.00), we can use draw bets as the basis of the Roll over betting strategy we at Sahihi Bet developed. This wouldn’t work with other kinds of bets. In any case, we have utilized the long years of experience to build an incredible mathematical system that specializes in predicting soccer draws.

We don’t claim to be experts but we know pretty much on how you can bet on draws and never miss.

The average odds of our draw picks is 2.5.

Out of 90 slips sent out in a month, we get it right in 70 slips and from such, a member who starts with an initial stake of 2000 shillings makes about 100,000 shillings each month from betting.

Now that we’ve laid down the profit expectation, here is an explanation of the 2 ways you can go about betting on draws.

As you can see, Sahihi bet has a team of experts at picking draws in soccer matches. Mind you, they spend months and years studying nothing but draws. Number crunching, statistical data analysis, countless hours spent getting better at this.

Given that the average odds of our draw picks is in the range of 2.50 to 3.00, you CAN be profitable just by betting an equal stake on all our picks. At our 78% winning rate, you will earn about 94% ROI (return on investment).

Quick illustration: You bet 90 units (1 unit on each of the 90 picks we send over one month). You win 70 of them at average odds 2.5 (according to our data), thus getting back 175 units. That’s a return of +94%, which is fantastic! Very impressive…

Subscribe to the Rollover plan

This is what an average bettor in this plan does: for someone with a small to moderate bankroll, he or she starts with 1000 shillings.

1. Place a 1000 bet on DRAW (odds are about 2.50+ on average)

2a. If you won the bet, good. Repeat Step 1 for the next game.

2b. If you lost the bet, multiply your stake by 1.5 (so in this case, you will bet [1000 X 1.5] = 1500 on DRAW for the next game). Keep doing this (increasing your betting amount by 1.5X if you lose), until you win a DRAW.

3. Once you have won the bet, return to your lowest betting amount for the following game (in this case you start betting 1000 again).

The Rollover plan is an absolute GAME-CHANGER. It elevates your monthly profits from “Not bad” to “GREAT”. This is the preferred method that all long-term members can use.

If you want to increase your bankroll fast, and eventually get to a point where you can also be making 100,000+ a month, this is the way to go.

Again, this method is NOT for the fainthearted, so only subscribe if you’re sure you have the guts.

Our daily picks are designed to be compatible with our rollover plan. Thus you will observe from our picks that if we have 3 games listed for today, all will start at different timings (since you need to wait for each game to end before knowing how much to stake on the next game).

DAILY PICKS are sent via SMS to your phone.


The cost for monthly subscription is 12,000 shillings. If you wish to have a shorter trial first before committing to a month, you can opt for a weekly subscription at 4,000 shillings or a single day plan at 800 shillings.


  1. Go to MPESA
  2. Select Lipa na MPESA
  3. Click on Buy Goods and Services
  4. Enter Till as 5266471
  5. Enter Amount: 800 a day or 5,000 per week or 12,000 per month
  6. Key in MPESA pin and send

Need to contact us at any time? SMS or call 0758271865.




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