Top Families and Groups to Join/Know in Machakos University

Machakos University

Machakos University is one of the Local universities in Kenya and it is located along Machakos Wote Road in Machakos county, South East and a 1 hours drive from the Capital City of Kenya, Nairobi.

The university offers a concussive environment for healthy learning. It offers international courses in masters, degree, diploma and certificate programs. It has a school of agriculture and natural resources management, school of business and economics, school of education, school of engineering and technology, school of hospitality and tourism, school of pure and applied sciences, school of humanities and social sciences.

Machakos university has good infrastructure including lecture rooms, such as Nduilu block, well maintained hostels, like Kivui hostel, a good eatery dubbed the mess and a playing ground. The lectures are very friendly and rarely miss classes. Apart from all these, Machakos University has very powerful families!

Today we feature some of the prominent cliques of families.

1. SWAGNationKE
They are one fun, energetic and God-Fearing group. Their name S.W.A.G Nation means;
SAVED WITH AMAZING GRACE, they’re a movement of young, and gifted youth, with a passion to demonstrate and minister the love of God.

The members of this family not only reside in Machakos County, neither do they only study there, but composed from all over Kenya worldwide as a Nation, that’s why it’s a SwagNation group and a family of more than one parent.

Part of the SwagNationKE Family

SwagNation tries to nurture young talents from the university, that is MCs, comedians, rappers, artists, deejays, bloggers, photographers, guitarists, instrumentalists, spoken word artists, art work artists, poets, lifestyle writers, graphic designers, internet lovers, sponsors and couples, business minded guys and all other God given talents. You can listen to their artistic pieces here >> They usually have hangouts at 4PM (EAT) every Friday and adore God since he’s in control in their life’s. They can be reached via this social media pages; Facebook: SwagNation Fam, Instagram: @SwagNationKe, Twitter: @SwagNation_Ke, Youtube Channel: SwagNation_KE and Blog:

2. The Rovers
As the name suggests, this group just roves around the institution. As in they are volunteers of Machakos University and Machakos County as large. I know you don’t know what I mean. This is are the Scouts and Guides Association. They’re involved in cleaning activities, health matters, hikes on mountains, walking and dancing in water, that is swimming, lol! They know how to do it better than anyone else. Rovers are very supportive to the institution and in the county and national level at large. They are found on social media as MUCROVERS.

3. The FISIs and FISILETs

Fisilets Machakos University
This is the leading family in Machakos Campus. It’s the largest family in the university. They are the kind of species that influence the economy of Machakos University. This is the greatest family at Machakos University and without being a member, you can’t graduate to be a sponsor. To join the movement register with their treasury via 0716347957

Comment below with the groups/families in your campus plus their contacts & we’ll feature them.

Article originally done by @minish_ke & Edited by @MagazineReel




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