Trendinalia: What Trended this Past Week?


So what happened this past week? On Sunday the world arose to the news of the death of Bahamian Christian evangelist Myles Munroe who died together with his wife in a private plane crush alongside seven others. Interestingly, three weeks before that he had appeared on KTN’s Jeff Koinange Live (JKL) Show and talked about his death.

TrendEarlier on Wednesday reports filtered through that infamous Samantha Lewthwaite was gunned down. Samantha, also known as the “White Widow” is remembered for her role in last years attack on Westgate Mall in up market Nairobi that left more than sixty people dead and several others injured. The reports indicated that Samantha was felled by a sniper’s rifle in Ukraine. The sniper is of Russian descent and has a bounty on his head.

The same Wednesday, scientists at the European Space Agency witnessed the landing of a space craft on a comet. Getting from Earth to a comet that is traveling towards the sun at 18 kilometers per second was a landmark in space engineering and celestial mathematics. Rosetta, carrying Philae was hoisted into space in 2004 and took more than a decade to reach its target covering 6.5 billion kilometers along its journey. The scientists are hoping for a stream of data, a key step in a marathon mission to probe the mysteries of space. The mission is scheduled to end in December 2015, when the comet heads out of the inner solar system.

Social media has been a buzz of activity following the stripping of a woman by touts at the Embassava Bus Stage. The act drew the ire of women folk all over with an organization known as Kilimani moms planning a demonstration today. It will be interesting to see whether the protestors will don miniskirts and what will be the reaction of those touts. It is however worthwhile to note that while all this has been going on, no one has bothered to inquire about the psychological state of the victim. It will be unfortunate if some unscrupulous women use it as a launch pad into activism. The plight of the victim should remain paramount.
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