TRENDING; EMPIRE Season 1, Episode 1 Review

Empire fox series

Created by: Lee Daniels and Danny Strong
Season 1, Episode 1.
January 7th, 2015, Fox channel released an American drama series, Empire, based on an entertainment company featuring on hip hop music. Movie begins where we meet Lucious Lyon in the company of his girlfriend Anika Calhoun, in his Executive Company, Empire coaching Veronikah on her vocals. Jamal, Hakeem and Andre are sons of Lucious and cookie Lyon. The two Parents brought up Empire tough with drug deal money limp casing Cookie to serve 17 years in jail. Lucious backfires his wife, cookie while in prison and does pay her not a single visit and even gets a new girlfriend, Anika.

Empire fox series
Empire is establishing international links at the time of cookie’s release from prison. There unfolds disagreement over the future of Empire between the three sons. Lucious visits Bunkie his grow-up with pal to engage him in a mission of investigating cookie. Jamal is a singer, gay, shows like for his mother, usually paid her visit in jail, who also turns out to be his Managing producer. Cookie is out to get her share from Empire.

Lucious tough gives appreciation for cookie’s effort in Empire’s growth, his long-time divorce and mistreatments play no convince for Cookie. 10% Empire control, 5 million dollars per year is the deal. Meanwhile cookie’s efforts to talk to Hakeem bears no efforts, he calls her a bitch provoking her to give a stroke of the broom. Lucious efforts to reconcile the two turns to be rather difficult.

Cookie discovers of Bunkie’s mission who rather accepts defeat but warns her to be more careful. Jamal recalls of his father-son hatred trace whereby he was dipped in bin and renews his hate for him. Andrey is determined to lead the future Empire and under the influence of his white girl, Rhonda, convinces cookie to manage Jamal so that it can be easier to step in for leadership. Jamal later sings on his father hatred driving out Cookie to encourage him emotionally. Jamal agrees to work with cookie

Bunkie pays Lucious visit and asks for three million for his mission with a gun in his hand. Lucious plans for a meet up in the streets to settle the money. Lucious is seen to be on a paying side of his sins whereby he contracts ALS disease.

Lucious reveals how talented Hakeem is than her own Jamal, “Jamal gonna be a better…” she also doesn’t like his gay mate , Michael Sanchez. The night meet up of Lucious and Bunkie turns out for the worst, Lucious points a gun on his face, “we’ve been friends and nothing came between friendships except a bullet!” He pulls the trigger………..
What happens next after Bunkie’s death? Keep in touch for more…..




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