True Love: Myths to Avoid While Searching for True Love

True Love Myths
True Love Myths

Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, we all hope that someday we find true love. Love that will make us never have eyes for other persons of the opposite sex, true love that will make us forget all our emptiness and sorrows in our hearts, one in which your spouse will support you 100% and never let go for any reason in the world, true love that,…the list of our expectations on true love is next to infinity for sure.

We are brought up knowing that while in true love, things will always be okay and your spouse will never let go no matter what happens. We are made to believe that those who leave our lives were not really meant to be there in the first place and that our Miss/Mr right will come when the right time arrives.

Naturally, we human beings have the ability to make tools, distinguish right from wrong and hope for better days. With that said, in today’s world, man has come up with plenty of tools and ways to console himself and others in times of sorrows. He also has the ability to justify any negative outcomes that befalls him and keep his hope alive. These mutations have even gotten hold of our love lives and changed out definition of true love.

Enough with the descriptions, here are some of the things you ought to know about true love:

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1. True Love Never Fades, They Say.

Hey! What I know is that Even The Strongest Of Love Fades If Taken For Granted.
Finding true love is on thing, and keeping it for life is another. Starting from casual relationships in campus all the way to wedded couples, it’s very common for you to hear that so and so divorced after months or years of living together. The main reason to such incidence is a simple fact that some of us over-relax once we get the love that we once so much wished for. For ladies, some stop welcoming him home as they used to on the first days of dating and marriage. As for guys, some stop skipping their favourite football matches upon her request as he used to. All these little things eventually eat into the true love and before you know it, the “You are not the guy/lady I fell in love with” becomes familiar.

2. Mr Right Will Find You When The Right Time Comes.

Allow me to use some strong language, but I consider this Phrase a Total nonsense meant to do nothing but give you false hope. I have seen ladies,using this phrase to brush off any guy who tries to approach them.
There is no special someone out there just waiting to find you. No one will find you if all you do is to keep building walls around you. And Hey! even if he was to come, you have no way of identifying him if you don’t give him a chance to even say Hi. You mistreated your potential Mr. Right, that’s why he Left. Always bear in mind that your actions may also make him consider you one of the frogs and carry on with his journey in search for his Princess elsewhere.

3. True Love Will Wash Away Your Sorrows.

Hahaha! This in another lie that makes us start lifeless relationships just to get rid of the pain of having heartbroken in you previous relationship. This almost ends up with regrets and more pain. Relationships have never been the source of happiness. Neither are they a cure for your emptiness. They only amplify what you already have.

4. True Love Is When He/She Supports You 100%

What!! Seriously! Whoever came up with this phrase must have been sick in the head. When your lover supports you 100% in everything you say or do, then know that something is terribly wrong somewhere. Even in true love, disagreements are bound to arise. Hey! this is totally okay and normal. So, the next time you jot down the qualities of a guy you need, on dating sites, makes sure to search for one who will be true to you and correct you when you go wrong instead of giving you false hope and support.

5. I Want A Man Who Will Always Understand Me.

lol! That’s not true love you are searching for. That sounds more like your reflection. Even your own reflection is not that perfect as your left is its right. It’s only God who understands us 100%. So, when looking for true love, spear him this phrase. It will come in handy when you go to heaven someday. 😉

6. I Think He’s The One As We Share Everything In Common.

Siz, looking for true love is not the same as looking for a dance or gymnastic partner. Having the same likes, dislikes and completing each others’ sentences does not equate to true love. It’s just an added advantage. Though it kinda limits your chances of exploring things besides the ones you already know.

7. True Love Will Never Make You Cry.

Lemme take things literary here. It’s quit the contrary. When you find true love, you are likely to cry even more than the way you would without it. Tears will flow when he surprises you with a gift you never expected, some nights he will make you moan and shade tears out of untamed sweetness. Then 9 months later more cries will be heard in the maternity ward for an action he did. Did I also mention that true love brings with it jealousy and sensitivity? Now that you know it, tears will eventually catch up with you when he comes back a bit late than usual and you attempts to call him bear no fruits. Him Skipping supper will eventually make you cry. Maybe am the one who didn’t get the definition of “crying” right.

8. If He Truly loves You, He Will Never Let Go.

This is just but a line that is mostly used to shift the blame when things don’t work out. Don’t continuously treat him badly and expect him to stick with you for life. Again, staying together forever does not equate to love. I was once in a situation where staying away from the one you love is the only way to see them happy. That it when you know that she deserves better and all you’ve done is to keep her far from it.

9. There Are No Secrets When In True Love.

It’s true that lies and secrets are some of the reasons for heart-breaks, but at the same time, absence of secrets is bound to break the love. I remember that time when I experimented with “Always say the truth” and the lady ended up letting go of the relationship since I would let her know that the reason my phone was busy when she tried calling was because my Ex was asking me to take her back, the ladies in the hood wanting a piece of me since she was hundreds of miles away and would do nothing to them. Haha! I Wonder if you would continue loving him if he told you that his Ex is way sweeter in bed than you will ever be. That of all the ladies he has had, you are the worst kisser. That his secretary back in the office keeps nagging him for some medicine and he’s kinda getting weaker. Anyway, some things are better kept secret especially if they result in nothing constructive at the end of the day. True love and secrets can co-exist from what I know.

10. If You Love Me Then Do This.

True Love is not base on the “If This, Then That” conditions. He doing the things you ask him to does no equate to love. Just like the way him refusing to carry out your request does not equate to absence of true love. I have seen guys going crazy things for love. I’ve also seen others doing the same things for sex and other self gains. Never use this as your way of determining who truly loves you and who love you truly.

True Love is not based on what you feel when he holds you closer, it is based on why you find yourself smiling on the thought of him even if you can’t remember how he looks. He may not know how to break the walls you build around you as you would want him to, but he’s surely worth giving the key to your heart that you so much protect. In short, true love is not what he/she feels for you, but what you feel and see in him/her. It doesn’t have to be a two-way thing to be true, but when it becomes two-way, never let your pride and ignorance spoil it up.
Wish you all the best my Siz/Brother from another mother. <3



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