Try it Out Now!!!: WhatsApp Launches Free Voice Calls


After the long wait from the over 500 million WhatsApp users, the developers’ team has finally done it. As at now, it is possible to make and receive WhatsApp calls, a feature that is most likely going to cut into the profits of the local telecommunication companies net incomes. So what exactly do you need to do to activate the feature?

The first step is to download the latest WhatsApp application from the Google play or play store. Make sure it is either version V2.11.561 or V2.12.14 depending on your device and where you get it from.

The next step is to allow the unknown sources ‘settings’ in your phone. To do this, you will have to go to settings~security~unknown sources. This procedure varies depending on the phone model but probably you will find it at the settings of the phone, that’s a guarantee.

Then you have to inquire from your friend list of anyone who has already activated the voice app in his phone, who should then call you. Please make sure when this is happening your data is also turned on to facilitate on the installation process just incase.

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And finally, after answering the call, you have to wait for some few more seconds before ending the call. After observing the above procedure keenly then you will see three tabs at the top of the App reading: calls, chats and contacts. And you now online, the feature is active.

You have to note that there is a message doing rounds with a link stating that you have to forward it to atleast 10 people to activate the voice calls service, treat this as a scam. The link is meant to create traffic by scamming you to invite more unsuspecting and desperate users.

And if you are that type of geek who is ready to explore and you probably know how to root a phone then you can apply the below procedure to activate the feature by yourself:

After Opening a terminal emulator you have to enter the following command:

Suc -c am start – com.whatsapp/com.whatsapp.HomeActivity

After that you will be good to go, you can even put WhatsApp as the default dialer after installation and save more bucks.



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