Tuju Speaks About Ruto’s Ejection From Jubilee

Tuju, Uhuru Kenyatta

Jubilee Secretary General Raphael Tuju has clarified that the impending ouster of William Ruto as the party’s second in command will not affect Ruto’s role as the Deputy President.

Tuju, on Wednesday, March 18, said that they would eject Ruto from the position of Deputy Party leaders’ post and not his position as Deputy President of the country.

President Uhuru Kenyatta is expected to chair a National Executive Council (NEC) that will decide whether to kick Ruto out of Jubilee after the DP was accused of promoting the agenda of another party, the United Democratic Alliance (UDA).


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President Uhuru to hold Jubilee NEC Meeting to Kick out DP Ruto

“He will still hold this position as Deputy President, even if he is removed as Deputy Party Leader. The DP does not have to be the leader of a party.

“He will remain the DP, unless he is impeached by Parliament,” Tuju explained.

He added that Uhuru will set the date for the NEC meeting and can also delegate the duties to him (Tuju) who will ensure Ruto is kicked out of the party. However, the matter was critical to Jubilee’s future and Tuju stated that it would be better handled by the President himself.


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“The President and the party are ready to pay the ultimate price to ensure that the party and Kenya are stable,” Tuju said.

Reports alleged that Uhuru will chair the meeting on Tuesday, March 23, and later take Jubilee members on a retreat to discuss the party’s agendas.

The President and his deputy have been at loggerheads for the past three years, with the latter accusing his boss of betrayal.

Uhuru, on the other hand, accused Ruto of sabotage and undermining his authority. The President’s allies, however, explained that Uhuru was cagey with Ruto’s impeachment from the Deputy President position.

“It is the position of Jubilee Party and its leader who is President Uhuru that no scheme to impeach DP Ruto is on the cards. Absolutely there is no such a plan being pursued by the party or State House,” Murathe disclosed in May 2020.


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However, in February 2021, he said that Ruto will be evicted from his official residence at Karen, signalling that a looming impeachment motion.

“The eviction party from the hustler’s mansion in Karen is loading, very soon there will be an eviction party,” Murathe claimed.



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