TUK Students Demand for the Exit of the VC Over Bankruptcy Claims

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Technical university of Kenya (TUK) students are demanding for the transfer of the Vice chancellor and total overhaul of the management staff of the institution following claims of bankruptcy that has hit the Nairobi based institution. Two days ago, a leading media agency in Kenya revealed that the institution had 2 Billion debt that needs to be settled.

The students are demanding for the transfer of Prof Aduol who has been at the helm of leadership for more than a year now. According to the media reports, the institution was struggling to stay afloat even though it had been offered a new lifeline in the education sector. The VC has since denied such claims terming them as rumors and issuing a statement that TUK is able to take care of its bills.

The university has also been accused of neglecting their students. According to the DN article, close to 85% of students do not have rooms within the university’s halls of residence. Close sources reveal that the university has been delaying in building hostels because that is a sure way of reducing costs at the institution. The university is said to have rented an office space for its council chairperson worth 500000 shillings per month.

Apart from TUK, Moi university in Eldoret had also been pinpointed in the list of varsities having huge debts which could lead to their downfall. Moi university is said to have lost more than 1 billion shillings. The university with an approximate population of 20000 students is said to be having a huge list of ghost workers in its payroll. Auditor general further revealed that close to 2 billion shillings had not been accounted for by the university.

TUK students have accused their VC of incompetence in dealing with problems bedeviling the institution. Through their Secretary general, the students will today evening be holding a Kamukunji to discuss matters of fee payment, examinations, suspensions and registration of programs that has been a critical problem.



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