TUK Students Set to Promulgate the New SATUK Constitution

satuk constitution

The Technical University of Kenya (TUK) Students will on Friday this week usher in a new constitution for the Students Association of the Technical University of Kenya (SATUK). The new constitution will replace the old one which has been under review over the last few months following the signing into law of the Universities Act 2016 by President Kenyatta a year ago.

The event set to be held on 19th January 2017 will take part at the University Main Hall as from 9:00 am.

According to the constitutional affairs secretary K’Odhiambo Nevil, the process of reviewing the constitution faced several hurdles which included financial constraints, prolonged consensus on some contentious clauses, prolonged university management meetings, several legal formalities to be adhered to, the new University ACT 2016 that governs Student leadership structure and uncertainties caused by political frictions within the country.

“Bearing in mind that the process on the review of this constitution began way back in 2015, it hasn’t been an easy journey, we have had to go an extra mile and burn several midnight oils to compile, edit, analyze, scrutinize and even type the said constitution in order to bring you the best”, he noted in his address to students on Monday this week.

The constitutional secretary assured students that following their consultation during the process of review, the final draft which is set to be promulgated will be much better than the previous one.

“We believe the final draft is the best and the precepts therein are of great importance to our endeavours as students. Importantly, its promulgation will put to halt the row over S.A.T.U.K election dates and as well unite all comrades as we soldier on towards a just, fair and credible electoral process”, he concluded.

Still, in TUK, several aspirants have intensified their campaigns to unseat the current holders of students leadership positions. According to recent campaign activities, the incumbent president Brian Reeves faces a challenge following the unity of several opposition aspirants.



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