#TwendeLimuru15: If Not for Fun, for Business and Difference


I remember with nostalgia my primary school days, especially the second terms of every year, every time I think about the #TwendeLimuru15 course. The nostalgic memories are triggered by the adrenaline I can foresee guiding the athletes who will grace the second edition of the Half Marathon that is aimed at keeping the youths of Limuru Constituency off drugs and criminal activities. What was special about the second term in primary school? You ask that because maybe you never enjoyed the thrill that come with the famous ‘Term Two A’ Games that included athletics.


Having been born in a place where having a Kip-something name was something as impossible as Ole Kiyapi winning any presidential election, you will pardon my school for having pupils with names that cannot be associated with any quarter marathon, leave a lone a half or a full marathon. However, Term Two A Games had no respect for names. Every school had to produce athletes to compete up to the provincial level. I say provincial level because guys from Vihiga could not let our guys go past that level. They had a way of importing athletes from the neighboring Kapsabet and Uasin Gishu region whose names had ‘Kip’ in them to ensure a win and ultimately represent the Western province at the nationals even though they were technically from Rift Valley. Good neighbors. Those.

But first, to get to represent my Primary School at the Zonal Level, the whole school had to go for a cross country to identify the best athletes from the pack. The old adage of the one eyed man becoming the king in a country of blind men came true here. Knowing the route was paramount if you wanted to emerge victorious. By Class Seven I had not mastered any of the routes guys followed because I never finished any of the cross countries. Being a prefect came with its packs including using the shortest route to the finish line.


#TwendeLimuru15 reminds me of a good friend of mine whose name showed he came from the lakeside yet he was a chicken-eater by design, blood and lineage like me. I wonder where his parents got his name from. This guy did not only have a name issue but a running issue too. While his name could fool our brothers from the lakeside into speaking Luopean to him, his eating habits betrayed the eating software that was the Luhya in him. More baffling was his running capabilities that could compel you to call him Kipkeino or Kiprotich or Kip-whatever.

While we were running for fun, the guy was in it for the money. On 20th June this year, I will be reminding myself of the thrill and fun that came with Term Two A Games. The new faces, the connections, the ladies and the soda with a chuck of bread. But this time round it will be a little different. There will not only be all the above but also age and the greatest weather this side of the Sahara. I can’t afford to miss the thrill that the Limuru Half Marathon is carrying on its back. The connections on and off the track will be immeasurable. In fact, I hear there’s a Mexican Agency looking to register the best athletes at the Marathon for training and future engagements.

This race is open for anybody and everybody. Unlike my Primary school, your county or region does not disqualify you from registering for the Marathon. In fact, the organizers led by the Able MP for Limuru Constituency Eng. Kiragu have come up with a Pay Bill Number 400200 through which you can register for the Marathon from┬áthe comfort of your living room. If you are still worried about accommodation, then it means you’ve not read this article on the best places you can get accommodated.

Now, if you are not after the fun, remember that there are business prospects at the Marathon. Business Men are encouraged to register to showcase their products and services to the Marathoners. This is good brand visibility that will not only get you into business but also inspire you to greater heights.

If not for fun, then let us #TwendeLimuru15 for the Business and the Difference that the course is bringing us.



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