TWISTED TUESDAY: Interesting Story of Egerton Men you Probably Never Knew


Welcome to Twisted Tuesday ,the silliest column I have ever had on air. Its been long since we dropped a piece last week,last month actually. This is June and this is how we roll .Lets talk Egerton university men. They have been called names on Facebook and twitter by the ladies who claim that they are very boring.

Most ladies have been reported saying that Egerton men take them for granted. Reports which I want to object and say that most of those ladies who scream on Facebook and twitter about these sons of Adam actually think they are taken by those big men out there. Yeah they are taken but taken for granted by the same men they worship.This is the flip side story of Egerton men,take a look and have a read.

No personal grudge or beef intended.After the last full stop,I expect the voice of reason(s) among the damsels  at Egerton to speak up.From a safe distance I have watched the innocent Egerton Men being kicked by the self declared romantic ladies at the Njoro based institution.

This unmanly act hugely campaigned for by most of the ladies who make uncountable trips to town and sit glued to soap opera’s. Am here to debunk the myth they have filled the air with about we,the Egerton men,nothing personal ,don’t get it twisted.

Those ladies who think brown is beauty. I will kindly refer you to one of the lines in my poetic piece “Generation za madem”-‘From Tatton to Marish wanajiona warembo eti colour ya thao, pinch then hard huwashow, hizo kala za thao zinauzwa thirty bob Njokerio’

I stand for those me who have been lashed on Egerton campus life. After every minute, a lady comes up with a complain against her boyfriend!.Egerton dudes show the much needed respect to the ladies that’s why at most time they have not ganged up to reply on social media. You heard me right,RESPECT.You have to agree with me that without MEN,the world would be a damn boring place.Treat the men with the respect they deserve. If unfortunately you were once dumped after a sexcapade,understand that feelings don’t make love! You don’t have to brand her a prostitute,non-wife material or unromantic thereafter. Move on with your life and most probably-up your game lass!

I will not sit down and watch losers who once dated an Egerton campus men and got dumped for utter lack of bedroom theatrics and real romance.I understand most of Egerton ladies are ‘fake’ from head to toe ,but that does not mean  they go about Facebook and twitter filling it with a pot of complaint. Look lass,those bundles you use on internet,kindly shift them to uncle Google and get a tip or two on how to treat these gentlemen Syndrome.They believe in soaps,nag and want to be dorminative in a relationship.If dumped,they turn abusive instead of discarding the telenovela series they possess.

Egerton men drink expensive wines and tequila(kingfisher,Guarana,V&A,Caprice etc) as other men go for Moonwalker and cheap keg.

The Egerton ladies have a disease commonly referred to as Misplaced Aggression.They readily hurl insults aggressively at the innocent Egerton men.Mend your fences ladies

Am ready for the backlash yet to issue from the warped minds that are Egerton men led by their top honcho,Am a mere Son of a Woman who was brought into this earth when the women were a sleep, I really don’t know why it happened so but I thinks that’s up for you to guess.

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  1. ushawaambia hao madem si wasupuu ni wabrown #wickedlines job poa nigga

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