Twisted Tuesday:Akothe Is Why I cant Bring A Child Into This World Yet


I don’t trust anybody who has something handed over to them in Life, especially wealth and power, such people are always mean, meaning they don’t know how dusty these roads can be at time. I don’t also trust a man who will apologize to his Wife on the influence of alcohol, apologies that come during the wee hours of the night are not sincere, to all them men out there, ensure you keep your phone away from you like my Friend Jerome when you go out there with your boys to irrigate your throats or to surprise your Liver. I don’t also trust these ladies out here who called Chris Brown names for breaking up with Rihanna when they can’t even handle their four Kenyan boyfriend. What makes you think that your opinion on Relationship is needed anywhere outside bedroom?

Where I come from, Even falling in Love is now political, all the ladies want to be with one or two youths who pass by dressed in some ugly suits, they think that such type of confused idiots are most likely to view for MCA in the coming elections so finding a place next to them is something they should dress up and not down for. I have also been around the internet for some time and I have seen ladies who go around telling us that Akothe or Caroline Mutoko is their Role Models, if you are one of them, you should really go back to your village and spend some time there, it’s like the city is doing a lot of harm to your senses.Akothe and Mutoko Might be good at what they do, truth is, they should just close their eyes and look at life. When the city is in trouble, the hero wears no mask, Kenya is in trouble ,Relationships and Marriages are in trouble, if those “Heroes” are Akothe and Mutoko owing to the number of ladies I have heard saying that they want to live a life like them, then Let the city die if it cannot read and learn from writers .

My favorite Song from Chris martin is all his songs, my best from him though is that “Paper Loving”, I know a lady somewhere is asking What Chris Martin is, A Reality Show? A weave?  Most of these ladies out here won’t just admit it, they want the dime handed over to them by a willing Man who thinks he is in Love, that’s why I started by saying that I don’t trust anybody who has something just handed over to them. The result is a huge shock to them and what follows is confusion and uncalled for rudeness, they then believe they can say anything anyhow in the name of “Independent Woman” “Successful Woman” and get away with it, the exact thing we see on Akothe.

Akothe is a reason why I cannot bring a child yet into this world, how can I bring a child he grows up seeing a woman with a bunch of children wearing bikinis and her daughters are together with her on that, her son is just cool(guess he is still young). The world is not yet safe for a new Child from Yours Truly.

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