Two Maasai Mara University Students Drown in a River

The Two Students who drowned

Sunday 2nd of November 2014 was a dark day for the Maasai Mara University community as two of their students drowned in a river they had gone for a picnic.

The Two Students who drowned
The Two Students who drowned
“So sad as a picnic we went for at the Waterfall next prison as St. Paul turned sour. Two students drowned. Let’s pray that God grants them safety of soul as we remember to pray with the family at this hard times. Forever they will remain heroes of of St. Paul and Maasai Mara University. I send my heartfelt condolences to the family, friends, MMU and relatives of our dear friends. To God be Glory and may the Good Lord give us strength together with their families at this moment of grief. Amen” a student leader wrote on the University’s students Facebook forum.

Letoya Entiamasi Ole Semera, a student leader from the University wrote the following statement to his colleagues: “Fellow comrades, it’s with profound shock and sadness that I relay my sincere condolences to the families of the comrades who drowned today in the narok river after the church mission they attended was over. My prayers and thoughts are with them during this difficult moment.


Comrades Set out in the River to Search for Bodies
Comrades Set out in the River to Search for Bodies
“I have a feeling, and the feeling is. I don’t think it will be in order for us to attend lectures tomorrow while the bodies of our beloved comrades are still missing. As a result, I beseech all to remain peaceful and calm as we morn the demise of the two. How many are of the same idea?

May the good Lord be we us.”

Students from the University thronged the river that had swallowed their colleagues in such of their body. A Section of the students body is rooting for a special prayer day in memory of the drowned students. They are also requesting the University administration to build a swimming pool within the University compound to enable students learn how to swim to prevent more disaster in the future.




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