Understanding Facts From Fallacies: Macharia,SUEU Chair Aspirant Dissected


On Friday we hosted the aspirants for the position of Chair in the coming SUEU Elections at Egerton Radio. It was a four hour of questions and questions ,coming from the listeners and the hosts. In the hot seat was Maweu,Macharia and Amisi,the aspirants went ahead to state their manifestos on air. On this first edition we look at what Macharia has in store for comrades. Are they logical or its like someone who takes a full cow for breakfast leaving everybody with a question of which size of bull he/she will have for lunch?Read in.

Macharia is the David among “Goliath’s” this time round,coming into the race for the first time,the soft spoken third year student promises to come through in a different way,he promises to deiver as follows…

Student centered SUEU:On this,Macharia promises to open up the unions activities to the electorate. At the center of thus manifesto is the union’s constitution which he promises to unveil and make accessible to all students.On this,he scores high,in recent history ,the union has operated away from the students. The students have been tramped  under foot. Opening up the unions activities to the students is one way of building comrades confidence in the union.Its a manifesto that we all want to see followed if he is elected chair.

Accreditation of pending courses:This has been an issue closer to the hearts of many comrades mostly from the engineering faculty and biochemistry. If elected chair,Macharia promises to ensure that all the courses offered at Egerton University are registered by the various professional bodies. He is hard on this,he says that when it comes to registration,its either the courses are registered or not,no midpoints.This has been an issue ,an issue the administration has always  promised to solve. You will agree with me that there is some eve of speed needed to dust the accreditation story at Egerton.How Macharia is going to achieve this with an administration that has promised to set things right for the past ten years is something we are waiting on.Its a good manifesto though,an agenda that touches on a comrade,again he scores.

Reviving a Reconciliation Committee:This is what comrades really need,this if it comes to life will see various indiscipline cases pass through the committee before getting to the university administration. The committee that mainly consists of comrades will try solve some cases at the students level,this is a cough in time.

Construction of an internal Police Post within campus:Sources confirm that the same is already underway,but that it came from Macharia,it got a lot of reaction from the students with many arguing that they cannot stand the police brutality. According to Macharia,the best spot for thus post is at the Botanic garden,he gives example of his friends who have been attacked not once by unknown people,this is a very touch issue. Its true the students are not good with the police. Many argued that currently  they don’t even get along with the security men in the university,how about a police with a gun?. Its true security should be beefed up at the university. How Macharia will ensure peace and security prevails with loaded guns is something we all wish to see.

The above four are among  priorities Macharia promises to work on if elected. From the manifesto,its evident that Macharia is a winning candidate. Though coming in for the first time,he stands high chances of winning just like other aspirants. Its then a matter of comrades listening to his promises keenly,aborting the tribalism baby and voting wisely.Next on Set is Issac Maweu.Engage us on the comment box or hit me up on twitter @KoyoOdongo.




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