University of Eldoret Hosts A Mega Sports Competition

The arrested students released on probation

It is the mid of the semester and the University of Eldoret (UoE) fraternity got the privilege of hosting the university sports competition on the 20th June, 2015. It was among the largely attended competitions in the year. The sports competition was attended by many universities across the country including: Kenyatta University, Egerton University, Kisii university, Maseno University, Kabarak university, the Rift Valley Institute of technology among others.

The outdoor competitions began in the morning and proceeded to Sunday when the finals went down. With the UoE students they got the privilege of meeting with friends from other universities and share many ideas concerning their field activities and sports at large. The social interaction also witnessed students stroll around with their friends in the university streets.

The games played included football, volleyball, handball, basketball, hockey and many other field events. The various different university teams competed against each other thereafter the qualified groups proceeded to quarter finals on Saturday then the winning teams matched to the semis on Sunday.

The teams which carried the day were then handed the various trophies according to the games played on the final day.

As it has always been referred “the home of champions”, by the virtue of UoE being in Eldoret, we would also like to see if this applies to only athletics or includes other sporting activities. The University of Eldoret will feature at which position? Despite the fact that the university life is universal where players in a team come from different regions the expectations of some is seeing the term home of champions guarded.




  1. participatedc and represnted egerton to the fullest kudos to the scrabble team that swept all the available trophiies after brushing maseno aside till they didnt show up for the final day of the competiotion.

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