University of Eldoret May-August Session Comes to an Abrupt End as Students Are Forced to Clear Out of School

University of Eldoret

By Charles Rugah
University of Eldoret students went on strike on 8th July 2015 protesting against fee increment. This led to the indefinite closure of the University, a decision made by the Vc Prof. Akenga “on behalf of the senate” as quoted on the internal memo.

The reason for the strike being fees increment to a figure of 43,000 per year for government sponsored students, its now exactly 3weeks 3days that students are back but oops, not to continue with the semester but to clear, just because they had a demo in protest over fees.

The varsity is flocked with police who look prepared for war as the students peacefully vacate the university hostels.

University of EldoretClearing from the varsity premises means that the semester will have to be taken again since the students have not yet taken their main exams, this also means that the two months the students were in session has gone to waste, so does the fees.

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Students governing council has advised the students not to clear but fear is all over among students, and most of the comrades have already vacated the belongings from the hostels.

Information from reliable sources has it that the students will be suspended for at least one academic year.

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It really hurts to imagine that the students were fighting for reduction of fees but instead what’s happening is now more and more expenses, from paying the fees a fresh to fare to and from home to clear.

The students complained that the university was inconsiderate in ending the semester abruptly before they sat for their final exams. They were requesting the university management to allow them at least 3 weeks to take their exams before leaving.

The students and parents are now calling upon the government thruogh the Education Ministry and the Kenya University Students Organization to intervene and prevent the wastage of their time by the school administration.




  1. I sympathize with UoE students. Never have things been so bad in this institution’s 25 year existence. And many would have us believe that tribalism is the cause? Is it not pure unadulterated turf war for supremacy and control of millions of shillings that someone has just found out is available for the taking? The government’s reluctance to be a neutral arbiter speaks louder than words!

  2. A Shallow and biased analysis, let the students stay at home, at least they will learn never to get used by people pushing personal ambitions and settling personal scores.

  3. Comment. I wonder why the govervent have not yet act through the ministry of education. They should have come upto ground to find out what realy happened instead of hearing rumours while in NAIROBI. .if that is the case then their is no need of them encouraging education in kenya. University of eldoret is just like any other university not in kenya alone but in the world.

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