University of Eldoret Students’ Council to be dissolved today

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By: Benson Sifuna

University of Eldoret Students Governing Council UoESO will today be dissolved as the University prepares for a new office which will be voted in sooner than later next month.

The University last week opened application for the Students Electoral Commission (SEC) which went down well and now we have around 90 students who were shortlisted from a list of over 400 who applied. These students are to go through an interview phase today to get the lesser number and revise down from the 90 to around 20 clerks.

Everyone in the university knows what went on with the current leaders of the University of Eldoret Students’ Organization (UoESO). That is the time when the so called tyranny of numbers reigned to get only one ethnic community to lead the university with all student leaders being from the wider ‘kalenjin’ tribe. This is also the time we had rumors that the students who were vying then were paid to get into office to get rid of someone in the university’s top management.

Now with all this tribalism recently exhibited when the senator came to the university to have the VC thrown out. It is evident that some students now have vowed not to vote with this particular stand off in terms of tribal politics.


During the strike two student leaders were claimed to have been kidnapped. Recently, the Finance Director Wesley Kogo led the Kalenjins to the strike headed by the senator. After dispersing the students it happened that Kogo was then kidnapped by a lady and taken into a vehicle only to be found some days later after the time of his disappearance.

Our focus shifts to what we have us the next Student Governing Council. Just what do you think will come up? Will they still have tyranny and expect favor back? That’s a question that everyone¬†else should worry about. Probably I won’t vote, don’t ask me why because no student leader has ever helped me in anyway. Probably girls would because this is the time you will notice ladies’ closeness to the so aspirants for various positions.

Now that University of Eldoret Students’ Council will be dissolved today, what next? Anyway that said, we have another thing to focus on. Something that is probably more important than these politics. We should be a better community that co-exists and not led by tribal affiliations. The question remains will the next ‘kalenjins’ be again supported by the Uasin Gishu government for reasons known only to themselves?

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  1. With me what l can drame out as my comment is that God is the one who chooses his representatives in planet earth so guys cool but l ask you to come out in large nos during the elections day n choose your own leader jst 4get what happened cox you have known where the rain started beating u.

  2. My friend Sifuna, let me first correct you, Hon Wesley Kogo was Secretary General to the UoESO not Finance Director. The Finance Director, is the one and only Lomandi in previous SGC. Incidentally, let me focus no how you depict UoESO politics, for your information, we are not tribal at all at all but Unity is our Strength. How can you expect us support someone who never campaign for votes?

  3. Bwana Sifuna, I pity you. You are an obvious greenhorn in matters of Campus Politics. How are you (with some help from Administration?) going to ensure that the dominant majority will not elect their own. After all the activity that will take is described by the verb ‘elect’ which I invite you to verify from its googled definition is ‘choose (someone) to hold public office or some other position by voting’. Furthermore the noun ‘vote’ means ‘a formal indication of a choice between two or more candidates or courses of action, expressed typically through a ballot or a show of hands or by voice’. So are the non-Kalenjins (you have used the word Kalenjin in your writeup) planning to RIG these elections or do you have EXTERNAL GOD-FATHERS who will do the dirty job for you?

  4. Whatever Kogo is no honourable for me just like the senator andbthe lomadi anyway had forgotten the name even I though after the kidnapping he’s not come back to the institution. You’re all tribal oriented just speak the truth. I mean not all people are but majority of the ‘community ‘ are. I have friends who have dispised being born in ‘kalenjin’ community. The truth will always hurt

  5. And the whatever professor mfanyikazi look for a name that isn’t. And Lilac ofcourse majority will always be given their way even if they are wrong. Why can’t you concentrate on being yourself rather than engage in the so referred to you as ‘free n fair’ or whatever. I have been at chep more than you have and I know more than you do. So just keep ur opinion to yourself

  6. all we want is to quench the thirst of education then we park and go
    all this bullshit wont help in any way

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