University of Eldoret Students Demand for Opening Dates

University of Eldoret

By Amos Abonyo

Its now 3 Weeks since the 1st and 2nd year students at University of Eldoret went on rampage over allegations that fee had been hiked. The result was the institution being Closed indefinitely.

As the saying goes that time wasted is difficult to recover, the students whom most of them are at their homes have grown Impatient over the administration’s failure to solve the matter as faster as Possible. Some are even thinking the administration is taking them for granted after the information about the re-opening the Institution was Posted in the Students Portal and it read as follows:

”Due to the Demonstrations that took Place at the Campus that led to destruction of a large number of property, the Senate is still
discussing on Opening dates, the Students are urged to be Calm.”

This is the statement that has brought much decry from the Students who most of them are questioning what the Administration is upto. Is it that it wants to Punish the 1st and 2nd year students with keeping them at home for long so that in future they will never demonstrate again? These are some of the questions the students are asking themselves given that their Student leaders have also kept quite on the issue.

To my fellow Students lets keep calm as we wait for the final word from the Administration.



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