University Of Eldoret: Students Impatiently Wait For The Next Step

University of Eldoret Leadership

It has been a month and five days since the University of Eldoret was closed indefinitely. Many issues have been going round over the management and leadership of the university. Students have been impatiently waiting for the official communication from the administration. However it has seemed that there is no light after all. There has been NO communication from the administration so far.

Since the day the students were given a notice to clear from the hostels on a notice published in the dailies the students heeded the notice and they did as informed. Although there were discussions on the media platforms students advising themselves to boycott the clearance they finally came to unison to clear and wait for the next information. The process of clearing went on peacefully until early this week on Tuesday when it ended. The hostels are now free as was required by the administration but the students are wondering what might be the next step.

University of Eldoret LeadershipEven though there are many rumors in the social media platforms that those students who were on session by then might have to be out of campus for one academic year, nearly all students have not believed in such. The only reason not to believe is that the university administration has not published such information in whatever media. Students have been living day by day by hopes that they may wake up one day and find a notice of their sooner dates to be back for their studies.

The university has so far frustrated the students at home by suspending most of their student leaders whom they depend on every information whatever the discussions in the school senate are proceeding. The students are left at a loose in the case that they can never access any information of what is going on in the university. Sources also indicate that the school senate also held a meeting without involving the remaining students leaders whom they could have represented the students. Many questions are raised on the reasons they were not involved and the discussions that went on.

Being out there without getting any information on what could be the next step is stressful. But daily comrades wake up and share in their class groups and other media of the hopes they have until they are given an official notice on their verdict.




  1. Sorry chaps, you are likely to be away for a long long time! The massive damage you incurred is yet to assessed, the evidence against the so called ‘locals’ who allegedly sponsored the riots is yet to be cooked up and the blame game is far from over. Meanwhile find some income generating activity and keep off drugs, alcohol and sex!

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