University of Kabianga Student in Shock After Failing to Win a Sportpesa Bet


Here comes a day when we forget about weekend and focus on another serious four days of our lives. Indeed it has been a busy holiday, depending on how you spend it:  from going to all those parties a comrade can’t for go to celebrating with our beloved mothers on their day.

But if there is a weekend one fine lad would like to forget like most students are susceptible to forgetting lecture teachings immediately they step their feet outside the lecture hall is this one. Reason?, he wants to get rid of this past weekend because of this new form of employment known as Sportpesa.I beg your pardon, its unemployment.

Sportpesa has left one comrade in University of Kabianga with no single coin. As Magazine Reel reporter spoke to him he left the correspondent with plethora of reasons as to why anybody should never think of betting, even if it was lessened to ten bob only. The guy known in all corridors of Kabianga as ‘Jackpot’ although he has not even come close to winning that 9.5M almost ran mad when all did not go well for him this past weekend.

His possible win after Chelsea vs.Liverpool clash was 10321. The student says how he dream t of the good life which was awaiting him after the 90 minutes spree. What a good sum of money at this time of the month he could have earned. But as you read this he has a deficit of Ksh. 3000 he had borrowed to use in placing his stake on Sportpesa.

“I think Sportpesa inatumia juju”, he said when Magazine Reel asked him if he has ever lost such huge sum of money.

He went ahead to tell this writer that the moment one decides to break his/her tied knot with Sportpesa, is when they get a text from 79079 beginning with ‘Hot games…’ . This always makes most gamblers feel as if the days stake is abit simple and easy to clinch. They therefore decide to try it again. Its only after losing that they realize how hard it is to get 100 bob. One only budgets after loosing the money to the mighty Sportpesa. This is the only time one recognizes that he/she could have bought sukuma ya 20, credo ya 20… and still have 60 bob left. Mr. Jackpot as he is well known has lamented over the evilness that Sportpesa has potrayed in his life.He added that he is still not sure of where he will get the money to repay the debt and maybe bet.

Others students who learnt and were privy to the persons predicaments had different views on it. Some thought that Sportpesa was just a genuine game and that it enhanced the value of fanaticism in Kenya. They argued that it has raised the bar a notch hire for real fans of football to identify and earn from their prediction talents. Others also condemned the business arguing that it has made students drop out of institutions due to lack of fees.

“As for me and my little money,Sportpesa remains a no go zone, maybe if I see a billboard ‘Mganga kutoka Kitui kusaidia kushinda Sportpesa’”, One such student opposing the platform said.

“If you want to be wealthy, think of saving as well as getting rather than giving it to Sportpesa”, Another equally angry student added.




  1. sportpesa ni illuminati n its very addictive, if you hve nver tried to register like me,,,,,,, praise your God and don`t attempt!!

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