University of Nairobi Comrade Succumbs to Cancer #RIPEzra


For the past few days, Ezra Momanyi, a University of Nairobi student, has been the name on people`s lips, thoughts and hearts. And the reason for this is not a pleasant one. Ezra, a twenty three year old, has been battling Cancer, a nightmare that began early last year with persistent headaches and nasal complications. He studies were forced to take a back seat when he was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal carcinoma which had already progressed to its third stage. Doctors advised that Ezra should start his combination of chemotherapy and radiotherapy session immediately. This too came with challenges such as, lack of blood as well as breakdown of the radiotherapy machines which stalled his treatment, same for other patients in the country. And the side effects of the treatment sessions were evident, hair loss, darkened skin, impaired hearing, and loss of appetite as well as well as general body weakness.

On successful completion of the sessions, the tumor appeared to be shrinking and the doctors gave him a rest period before they could do tests to verify whether the cancerous cells had been wiped out completely. But before that could happen, another tumor started growing below his left eye and which after tests were conducted and the results showed that he had developed lymphoma cancer. He as then scheduled to start another session of chemotherapy as soon as the other one was fully eradicated and his immunity better.

The family sought alternative specialized treatment since chemo would have been harmful to Ezra owing to the locations of the two tumors. Awaiting further treatment, Ezra lived in pain and agony, unable to walk or talk and experiencing severe memory loss. An initiative by friends and family to raise funds for his treatment lead to the #Give4Ezra campaign that was on its way to being a success, just like Jadudi`s. The bank account status as of Friday evening was about Ksh500,000. But sadly, Ezra did not live to see this drive come to fruition as he passed away last night. The battle was lost.ripezra

Sincere appreciation to all those who contributed and helped run the campaign online and through other avenues. The fundraiser scheduled for today, 15th August 2015 is still on as planned, at LMS Guest House, Opposite Integrity Centre, at 5.30pm, to plan the way forward.

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May God bless you all.

R. I. P Comrade.

R. I. P Ezra.




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