University of Nairobi Must Restore its World Class Status by Osumo Vincent


Sunday, 16th November 2014 a group of sober minded Students from the University of Nairobi came out to protest and call for the end of Madness within the student community. Led by a renowned scholar Geoffrey Mosiria and long time student rights fighters Ben Serikal and OCS Ragira, James Ombui, Boaz Makori, Wakoli Kunani, Evans Kimori, Vincent Osumo and David Oyola among others, the angry students held a series of rallies in the university Sunday to address serious issues touching the student community. The students turned up in large numbers to grace the mega days even at Freedom Corner Hall 9 Main Campus, where they listened keenly and congratulated the move.

Among the issues which were being addressed is that of student security in campus. In the recent months we have witnessed a cartel of rogue goons stealing, beating, and even raping students all over campus without any action being taken. This group of hooligans whom majority are not students is said to be led by the SONU Chairman Personal assistant, whom personally has attacked students and stolen property valued at thousands of shillings within the University.

NairobiThe student community is now tired of this and has decided to rally a campaigns to eliminate this elements from the university with immediate effect. The students said they are tired of the top SONU leadership incubating violence in Campus by disregarding justice. It is as if there is a vacuum in our student leadership and thugs have taken that chance to move and fill in this vacuum without any attention of the relevant authorities.

The yesterday’s rallies also started a campaign against politics of violence and intimidation, where we have witnessed students who are said to eye the SONU top seat in the coming student elections have been beaten, injured and their property looted in the recent past. One Ben Sirkal is nursing serious injuries of the eye where he was beaten by rogue goons three weeks ago at main campus in front of Taifa Hall just 5 metres from the Vice Chancellor’s office and 3.76 metres from the University Security Main Office.

With all this we had to raise a question to the master of this thugs who is know, that, does somebody cease to be a student just because he/she is in the opposition?, a question we are yet to get answers from him. Because these thugs are causing disharmony and acrimony among students Ben Sirkal called for their immediate arrest and prosecution before mob justice lands on them.

The meeting ended by a declaration from the student community that nobody is going to misbehave or destroy public property. The students swore to stop these irresponsible behaviors of stoning motorist anyhow without any solid reason. They also sent a strong, stern warning to those student leaders who are always calling on them to riot every time grass sprouts. The student community has decided to embark of a serious campaign of restoring sanity back to campus and clean up the bad reputation we have signaled to the public in the recent past by starting an initiative by the name ‘THROW NO STONE UNIVERSITY STUDENTS INITIATIVE”.

Concerned University of Nairobi Student.



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