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USIU-A player in a past Kenya Hockey Union Premier League match ( Photo by Alvin Wesonga)

Kenya University Sports Association better referred to as KUSA by all sports persons in University is arguably one of the best association in Kenyan Sports where talent is nurtured and developed. For the sports lovers in University, one wouldn’t argue of how passionate these students are for their game. For instance, when I was still fresh on campus my University’s monetary allowance per player was a mere 70 shillings, but the students on the field did not disappoint, passion drives this sportsmen and ladies.

My greatest worry is the low turn up of supporters who should be cheering their teams, let’s say for example Kenyatta University the highest populated institution of higher learning. Kenyatta University has been ranked the best University in Kenya in terms of sports performance but funny enough you wouldn’t find students supporting their teams whenever games are played in the institution, reason? Let’s find out.

According to my research and statistics on University Sports, i found out that the United States of America has the highest number of University teams participating in the top tier leagues of the country, looking at their fans turn out you will be amazed that majority of them are their fellow students filling up an arenas of more than 30,000 sitting capacity. The highest number of supporters to ever attend a KUSA match was in the 2017 KUSA Nationals in Kakamega a football match pitying Kenyatta University and home side Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology with an estimated number of 2000 fans.

University Sports has been one of the best games that has brought out big talents in our Kenyan sports. For the local football followers, over the past two years the many football names have been drawn from University teams to football clubs. Some Universities have even ventured into the competitive leagues in Kenya registering their teams a notable one being the National Super League side Wazito Football Club whose mother team is the University of Nairobi, other notable institutions include Zetech University, Technical University of Kenya, Strathmore University and Mount Kenya University just but to mention a few.

Going away from the popular sport football, University sports has also brought light to many students who had the vision to go professional but could not get the opportunity . Many Universities have given their students the opportunity to play in the top Kenyan leagues. According to a survey by CRS International, a market and social research firm, it was shown that half of the teams participating in the leagues are University sides. For example take a look at the Kenya Hockey Union leagues, in the Men’s’ premier league you will meet three time champions Strathmore University, Kenyatta University, USIU-A, Technical University of Kenya. The Basketball league also has many University sides not forgetting Rugby and Handball leagues.

The major question remains when we will appreciate our sportspersons in University. Don’t forget to catch live action of the KUSA 2017/2018 regional leagues starting in September.



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