University Students Draft Budget as HELB Releases Cash

campus relationship HELB

It was pomp and glory at most of the campuses as first time loan applicants received the much awaited HELB money.


campus relationship HELB26th January augured well with most comrades who were literally struggling to juggle the tight unforgiving grips of “Njaa-nuary”. What else could be tantalizing as a bottle of cold water in the middle of Kalahari?As several comrades queued at most banks to receive their notes,a possible budget had been drafted.

1.Abolish green meat
On top of the budget was possibly a change in the diet.Michael Odhiambo of Technical University of Mombasa said that this was the ultimate time to dine on chicken “kuku pono” at the school Mess.It hadn’t gotten any sweeter with the HELB cash.

2.Cut calls back home
He further went on to reveal that he will possibly,for some time,stop calling home for “kitu kidogo” from his folks.This was the time to stop causing humdrums to his parents.”wazae wapumzike,”he concluded.

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3.Night out with friends
Forget the unclear circumstances associated with night outs with friends, this particular subject takes the lion’s share of the loan.From organized house parties to raves out of town.Marvin Herbert from UON lower Kabete Campus quipped that “tunaenda Nakuru Furahiday.Gari ishapatikana.”They probably had made a booking for two cars to ferry the thirsty comrades to Nakuru on a binge drinking episode.

4.Send to your siblings and or Folks
Some comrades were heard saying that they planned to send the cash back home for very serious uses.A one Josephine Ruto of Maasai Mara University said that she planned to support her younger brother who was joining Form One.She further went on to reveal that one of her closest friends had planned to send a huge chunk to her ageing parents back home.Not forgetting a one Maritim who confessed to finalise his marriage with his village sweetheart!

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5.To the lovebirds
With the month of love a heartbeat away,some comrades who have their lovers at heart have set aside a good amount to be spent on Valentine’s Day.Eric Ooko of JKUAT Main Campus texted me this morning “Napeleka Joy out Naivasha”.Well,it depends on what you perceive.



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