UoN Student Killed by Pregnant Girlfriend for Posting Photo of Another Lady on Facebook


A third year student was yesterday stabbed to death by his girlfriend. This is allegedly due to his act of posting another lady’s photo on his Facebook time line. The University of Nairobi Student was allegedly killed by his pregnant girlfriend after arguing about relationship between him and the lady in the photo.

25 year old Kelvin Ikatwa had just arrived in his house in Kawangware when the tragedy happened. His girlfriend, 19 year old used a kitchen knife to stab him severely and kill him.

“We had no idea a woman by that name existed and that she was pregnant. What we know is that the picture Kelvin posted belongs to one of his friends. He was not dating her,” said a friend who requested anonymity.

“We chatted at 2pm. He said we would meet the next day as he was going to see his girlfriend. Then he went offline.”

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The landlord said Kelvin was stabbed while in the house and as he got out, probably with the intention of seeking help, fell at the doorstep and died.

This happens only weeks after registering a tragedy at Egerton University. The incident which happened in Njokerio near Egerton University left two Youths dead. The lady was a fourth year Education student while the man used to work as a butcher in one of the butcheries at the local market. The fight leading to the death is said to have been occasioned by an attempt by the man to suffocate their new born child using a blanket. The man succumbed to injuries after being severely beaten by a crowd which had gathered on the venue of the incident.




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