US Secretary of State Pompeo Says Trump Won the 2020 US Elections

Donald Trump, Pompeo

United States (US) Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has shocked many in the world by insinuating that the incumbent President Donald Trump had won the elections which had been called in favor of President Elect Joe Biden. Mr. Pompeo noted that Trump will have a smooth transition into his second term in office despite polls showing that he is trailing Joe by over 5 million votes on the popular vote front and with more than 60 electoral votes.


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President Donald Trump has mounted numerous legal challenges over Joe Biden’s win after claiming that the 2020 US elections were a shamble and not a reflection of the will of the people. Speaking even before major News rooms called the elections in favor of the President Elect, Trump noted that he had won the said elections and that the Democrats had cheated their way to the top through the use of a glitch in the vote counting software.

In a move seen to be resembling that of Trump, Mr. Pompeo has noted that the world watched as the elections unfolded and seems to suggest that if indeed there were irregularities, then it would be important to have the real winner of the 2020 US elections stay at the White House for the next four years.

However, Pompeo’s suggestion that Biden may not have won drew immediate backlash from U.S. diplomats who have continued to point out that Trump’s lack of concession undermines US efforts to promote democracy.


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America has been at the forefront calling on other nations to respect the will of the people at the ballot. Led by Mr. Pompeo, US has made some top leaders in the African continent to concede defeat after showing signs of a need to hold unto power and despise elections. Trump’s move to thwart Joe Biden’s win is therefore considered by a large population as a retrogressive move for the US which boasts of a stronger democracy.

Just a day earlier, Pompeo had slapped sanctions on former Nicaraguan President Arnoldo Aleman for having “undermined democratic institutions.” And just as Trump’s team sues to stop vote counting in several states, Pompeo lamented “disenfranchisement” of voters in Myanmar, putting the fledgling democracy on notice the U.S. would “continue to closely monitor the electoral process.”



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