Use this Halftime Fulltime Betting Strategy and Win Sh2K Daily

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Today, we’ll introduce you to a peculiar halftime fulltime betting strategy that will see you win up to 2,000 shillings each day.

Before we begin to take you through, this is the most fascinating HT/FT betting system you’ll ever find in any other platform.

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To place bets on such a market not only require accuracy but also a great knowledge on the teams and their individual players. The betting system simply means that you will be expecting a certain result at Halftime and may be a totally different one at Fulltime. This is not as easy as it sounds.

Many scamming sites call it fixed form of betting. They give people possibilities of a game having the home team win in first half then the away team being the overall winner at Fulltime. This is not easy and almost impossible.

Infact, a single bet in the form of HT/FT 1/2 or HT/FT 2/1 can have as many odds as 100 odds for a single game. Most range between 17 odds to 27 odds. Such sites building on your lack of knowledge will tell you that they have a slip with two fixed games worth over 400 odds. There are people who have paid up to 20,000 shillings to access the slip at a go but ended up losing terribly.

Many people who bet usually think that they can make millions within days and change their lives around.Kindly note that Betting for profits does not work in such a manner. Those who have made good money from betting do it as a side hustle and only focus on winning small but making steady profits.

As we’ve always shown, there is nothing like HT/FT 100% sure fixed matches.

Here is what you must therefore do before you consider using the Halftime Fulltime Betting strategy;-

  1. Pick 10 favorites whose wins can be backed at odds of 2.00 or better. Of course, you have to be sure to pick football teams that have a high probability of winning their match.
  2. Open a spreadsheet and enter the odds for the desired HT/FT combination (X/1 or X/2, depending on whether your favorite is playing home or away) wager in the first column. It would be easier if you’d enter these three table headers: Odds, Weight & Stake, as shown in our example below.
  3. Use the following formula in the second column to calculate Weight: =SUM(A2:A11)/A2
  4. Enter the formula for calculating Stake in the third column: =100/SUM(B2:B11)*B2
    Feel free to replace ‘100′ with the total stake you are comfortable with.
  5. Place the 10 half time full-time bets individually, with the betting platforms that offer the best odds.
1 5.25 10.42 10.31
2 5 10.94 10.82
3 5.35 10.22 10.12
4 5 10.94 10.82
5 5.1 10.73 10.61
6 5 10.94 10.82
7 5 10.94 10.82
8 6.5 8.42 8.33
9 6.5 8.42 8.33
10 6 9.12 9.02


It is though easier to utilize the knowledge of tipstars especially in such platforms as Sahihi Tips. Having derived such a strategy as shown above, they have the perfect knowledge on it and therefore easier obtaining their ready betting slips each day.

Sahihi Professionals also manage account on behalf of people who would want to win but have tried all to no avail. You can make up to 1500 shillings profit each day under such a plan.

Many have also been making good money with the betting tips platform’s Rollover plan. The plan utilizes specific betting strategy and lets an individual place bets of 4 odds each day and accumulate profits up to the much needed amount. Daily, individuals make up to 2000 shillings as profit when they start out with a stake of 500 shillings.

How to Join and Win with Sahihi Betting Strategy

Well, the plans above are all paid for and subscription based. The least period for subscription is a week but you can have a slip for a single day at a fixed price.

To register for the Rollover plan for a week, you’ll need to pay a service charge of 2,500 shillings.

For account management, you’ll be required to pay 2,000 shillings as service charge for a week and also deposit 1,000 shillings into any betting platform say Betika or any other.

The one day slip costs 400 shillings.

Subscribers receive the slip instantly via SMS upon payment of the said amounts.

How to Pay for Halftime Fulltime Betting Strategy Tips

  1. Go to MPESA
  2. Lipa Na MPESA
  3. Buy Goods and Services
  4. Till Number: 5266471
  5. Amount: 2,500, 2000 or 400
  6. Enter Pin and Send

You can as well send the payment directly via MPESA to 0792862269.

Reach out to Sahihi Tips via sms or calls to 0758271865.



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